The digital world is now almost entirely ensconced by marketing. Social networks, publishers, and businesses are stuffed with advertisements and marketing stunts that are all too familiar to customers. Though many of these marketing campaigns are successful, it’s hard to stand out when everyone is following the same standards of digital marketing.

Originality can carry a lot of weight in the marketing world. When you come up with a truly great idea, people may copy your efforts, but everyone will always remember who the first person was to develop the successful scheme.

Take the Nike campaign called #betterforit, for example. It was a series of commercials featuring active women empowered by their sport. It was revolutionary for female marketing, since sports marketing had been largely geared towards men in the past. Nike was the first to introduce a campaign that was specifically geared towards women.

Shortly after, Under Armour, Adidas and a handful of other sports gear manufacturers began their own women empowerment campaigns. Each of these was successful, but since Nike was the instigator, it received the most attention.

Every company has the ability to create something with just as much virality. By developing a unique and creative idea that appeals to a mass market, you can take your digital marketing campaign to a whole new level. It’s a recipe for instant growth, lead generation, and conversions.

It all starts with doing something a little differently. Though the originality and creativity within a marketing scheme can’t be discovered in a simple article like this, you can use some of the following ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Save the Environment

Marketing stunts involving the environment are incredibly successful these days. Since many customers with buying power are very interested in sustainable practices right now, any marketing team would be foolish not to use this in their marketing campaign. Putting a creative spin on the experience is up to you, but it’s a great place to start.

Ford, for example, has been a long term supporter of environmental practices in the development of their vehicles, and they started an online campaign called the “Partnership for a Cleaner Environment (PACE) program.” The program has raised online awareness for suppliers’ effects on the environment and how people can invoke change. The entire marketing campaign has been an incredibly lucrative investment for the automotive company.

Start a Podcast

A lot of businesses have podcasts that talk about their products and services and how to maximize their use. This is a great marketing tactic, but it’s not very original. Try starting a podcast about a unique topic that makes the products and services in your industry more relatable to your customer base.

If you sell used cars online, for example, you might start a series all about the current problems with the auto industry, and how certain manufacturers are easing these issues or making them worse. Through this medium, you can effectively draw in your car-loving audience and develop a relationship with them that’s better than any plain advertisement.

Show Some Philanthropy

Of course, your brand is focused on gaining more revenue, not losing it, but when your company is doing well for itself, a little philanthropy can go a long way. Online business is the perfect venue for both raising awareness for charities and finding opportunities to give back.

Choose a cause to support, and use your creative marketing strategies to get the general population on board. Newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, videos, and other forms of marketing are easily spread to the online community and can promote your business and generate leads.

Creativity in your marketing strategy must come from you, but following some of these tried and true routes could help. The more time, energy, and resources you put into this venture, the more successful it will be for your company.