Digital marketing is an ever-evolving and rapidly changing industry. Marketers who are quick to embrace and adapt to change put themselves in the best position to actively engage their customer base.

Doing this allows today’s smart marketers to make the most out of their digital advertising budgets. The United States alone will see digital display advertising reach nearly $32.17 billion in 2016, which is over at 19% increase from the previous year.

A new approach to digital media called “People-based Advertising” or “Addressable Media” has quickly emerged as a popular solution for digital marketers in North America.

People-based advertising allows advertisers to target real people in real-time by using first-party data, as opposed to cookies. Using first-party data allows for greater advertising efficiency, reduced waste and a better overall customer experience. It also allows marketers to overcome the challenge of cross-channel recognition, messaging and measurement.

To learn more about how people-based advertising is impacting North American businesses, Signal and Econsultancy teamed up to survey 358 brand marketers in North America. The goal of the survey was to better understand the impact of People-based advertising within their organizations.

There were two main discoveries that came from the survey.

The first was that advertisers appear to be ready to invest more heavily in advertising that allows them to connect with their customers in real time.

Eighty-three percent of media buyers in the survey currently using people-based advertising reported superior performance when compared to traditional online display ads. Sixty-three percent of advertisers also reported improved click-through rates with people-based advertising. Because of these positive results, 66% of the advertisers surveyed are planning to increase their investment in people-based advertising.

The second discovery was that people-based advertising was an effective strategy that allowed advertisers to overcome the challenges of doing marketing across multiple devices. Being able to connect online and offline data and being able to act upon that information is a valuable asset for digital marketers.

People-based marketing is set to be a valuable marketing strategy for the future. To learn more about how North American marketers are using people-based-advertising, check out the infographic below from Signal. You can also download the full study here.