Even if designing landing pages is almost an exact science these days, conversion-centered design doesn’t have to follow straight rules. There are many new strategies for persuading users to perform specific actions on a page, and some of them can easily become your tactic of choice for designing your next landing page. Here are eight tips that will surprise your audience and help ensure a high conversion rate of your page.

Throw Away All That Copy

Sure, it sounds challenging, but getting rid of all the copy and relaying on images is a smart move. This strategy works especially for brands which offer visual products. Have a look at how O’Neill paired a large graphic with just a bit of text to motivate users to explore a product category.

And make sure you make one more thing clear: the sign-up button!

Make Sign-Up as Easy as Possible

The more things you ask visitors to do, the less likely you are to keep getting your way. Use a smart single-click sign-up system, and you’ll effectively remove the obstacles between the user and conversion. Bringing the user straight to your point is bound to increase your conversion rate. Look at this landing page from Unbounce – the orange button is practically irresistible, and users know that it will take them straight to the point.

While we’re at it, let’s stop and talk about the power of color for a little longer.

Color Wisely

Nothing sends a message quite like color does. You have probably heard lots of things about button colors for landing pages, but it’s not just about achieving that eye-popping effect. Color can convey emotions and moods. It can evoke strong feelings about your brand. Use it to create a pleasant design but also to achieve your goals and represent what you stand for. Wistia is an excellent example – using two shades of blue and a simple background pattern, they achieve more than they would with a palette of colors.

So what’s the big deal about simplicity, you may ask?

Don’t be Afraid of White Spaces

A cluttered landing page won’t serve your objectives. Don’t cram as much information as you can on one page – it’s confusing and intimidating to users who can’t easily make sense of it. Keep your landing page clean by using white spaces. This is how you can draw attention to things that really matter. Take a look at this landing page of Monotype – using white spaces to their advantage, they managed to create a clean look that works great for their brand.

What else can set you up for success?

Include Video

Let’s get one thing clear – video is one of the most powerful communication formats today. Research shows that including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. If you’re already creating marketing videos, why not add one to your landing page? Check out this Milk Life campaign page to see what a great video can do to the design.

Visuals work wonders – that’s just as true for videos as it is for photos.

Use Images of Real People

If you thought you can get away with some quality stock photos, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Including an image of a real person – preferably an influencer – adds social proof to your offer, making it irresistible to visitors. Noah Kegan, the guy behind Ok Dork blog, knew what he was doing when he pasted a picture of himself right next to his call to action.

Remember though – when asked to act, customers will expect something in return.

Make a Promise (and Keep It)

Promises boost prospects’ trust in your brand and offset risk aversion, eliminating any reservations people might have about trying out your product. Add a promise to your landing page, and your copy will instantly become more persuasive. Since we see promises all over the place, make it a point to keep yours. If you don’t, you’ll fail user expectations and come off as untrustworthy. Practically every single point on this KISSmetrics landing page makes a specific promise – and users believe that the brand will keep these promises!

What are other ways to boost your credibility? The power of statistics.

Add Statistics to Your Copy

Facts and figures instantly grab visitors’ attention. There’s a reason why infographics are full of them – the right combination of numbers with facts can become a powerful tool in convincing users that your product can solve their problem. Grab their attention with surprising statistics, and keep it throughout your landing page copy. Bills.com takes it to the next level by making its numbers interactive – isn’t that refreshing?

If you’re fed up with old landing page formulas, here is your cheat sheet of the 8 tricks outlined above to help you be a little more creative when tasked with creating yet another landing page for your product:

  • more images, less copy!
  • keep the sing-up simple
  • use the right colors
  • don’t discard white spaces
  • visualize your message
  • make a face go with a promise
  • keep your word!
  • back up your claims

…and watch your conversion rates shoot up in no time.

Good luck!