Smaller creative agencies have largely taken over the work traditionally dominated by behemoth advertising companies in recent years. In the past, large companies knew the direction they wanted to go in and knew (or gave off the impression that they knew) what their customers wanted. Modern companies are very much aware of the amount of competition that they face, and the staggering number of choices that consumers have. For this reason, creative agencies that provide strategy, direction, and vision to their clients on a project typically are the greatest value and the most desirable to work with.

However, in order for a creative agency to be as effective as possible, it is essential to understand the correct demographic that they need to target for a project. As creative agencies are largely a product of millennials, a generation that grew up in the digital age, there can sometimes be a lack of understanding that not all audiences can be reached through the same medium.

Conduct Risk Analytics First

Risk analytics can be helpful in providing quantifiable metrics for companies to look at prior to beginning work with a creative agency. By doing some preliminary research using risk analysis, some obvious facts might come to light. For example, many older audiences, as well as low income audiences, do not necessarily have the working knowledge or access to the internet that younger or wealthier groups might and thus, may have far less exposure to an internet campaign than others. While it may seem archaic or ineffective, sometimes more traditional marketing platforms like television and radio (or even print) can be the best route to take in reaching potential customers like this.

One example of a group who can prove to be very confusing and difficult to reach effectively through advertising is retired and active members of the military. This group has spending capabilities that exceed one trillion dollars annually and have a unique consumer profile, as they typically have a higher income, more vacation time, are more likely to move, and travel far more often than the average person. Many companies that want to reach out to former or active military look at television channels that they are more likely to watch (as well as the times), and the kind of news sources they get their information from. Providing special military discounts and incentives attracts not only the attention and business of people in the military, but is also viewed as positive by non-military members and offer insight into the company’s values and priorities, giving them an overall more favorable image.

Do Your Homework

It’s essential to know information like this before going in to work with a creative agency and will let your organization hit the ground running, and let the agency you’re working with create an effective strategy for you.

Ensuring thorough and complete research means that the time and money spent with a creative agency is as impactful and useful as it possibly can be. Before handing over a project to another organization, make sure that your organization has done its due diligence (this is especially important for smaller businesses) in understanding the group you want to target, which will also, over the course of working with a creative agency, make your organization far better-informed on the project. If after doing your research you meet with a group that still thinks that it is best to pursue a typical, modern campaign, you can choose to not waste time with them as you already know that this is the wrong path to go down.

Creative agencies can be great to work with and often live up to their reputation and are worth the money they require. But having a baseline of information and conducting a risk assessment for your own organization helps to ensure that you are not just turning over a project with the expectation that it will turn out well. Any advertising path that an organization chooses to take will, in all likelihood, be expensive, but taking the necessary steps to set your project up to be as successful as possible from the beginning will prove invaluable in the process and yield far better end results than just going in sight unseen. All in all, creative agencies are often a stronger option than traditional marketing companies for clients who are looking for a unique method to target a specific demographic.