Email is one of the oldest forms of marketing, dating back the inception of the Internet. Its ability to get results and stimulate brand interest have made it a staple in any business’ marketing arsenal. That said, most business owners remain oblivious as to how to write an effective email campaign. They usually drill down in the wrong areas thus failing to strike oil.

Be a Face They Can Trust

When given a choice, most people would likely open a friend’s email message rather than one sent by a faceless, revenue-driven corporation. Sure, there are exceptions, like if the recipient isn’t on good terms with that friend or if they are completely naive to the seemingly perfect promotions offered by these brands. However, again, these are just exceptions.

Personalize Your Message

Talk in a personal way rather than in a promotional way. Make it appear as if you’re sending the email message personally and not as a mass marketing campaign. Use truthful details like your real name. Your recipients will likely trust you better if you put your name and reputation on the line. On the same note, don’t overdo it – repeating names too often or saying something inappropriate.

Timing is Everything

Only send out emails when you have something really important to say or offer. You don’t want to be wasting people’s time by making them click your email messages, and they find nothing of real value. This will quickly trim down your subscriber list faster than you can grow it back.

Simplify the Content

Large paragraph chunks can land your email in the trash even if it has really useful content and attractive deals. Simplify it by breaking down the content into smaller paragraphs and quickly getting down to the point. Also, use numbers like 5 or 30 to describe certain elements. Wording the numbers just makes it harder on the eyes to focus. Editing and proofreading are habits that help to construct the perfect email campaign.

Know When to Sell

Launching your first email campaign with an offer to buy a product or service seldom works. You will have to engage readers first and make them trust you before they can become a customer. Send out emails that teach the recipient something about your industry first. For instance, if you are selling a brand of cologne, share tips on how to find the right cologne or give tidbits about the raw materials used for different fragrances.

Talk About Advantages Rather Than Features

Going into the technical specifications of a product or service is boring even if there is a huge demand and value from it. Instead, talk about the reasons why your recipients would want to purchase the product or service. What good does it do for them? How will their lives change if they buy it?

Make it Easier For Them To Buy

Simply telling them to buy now won’t do any good if you fail to include an outbound link to your online store or business website. Make the process simple, so they are enticed to purchase again and again without having to fill out long forms or navigate through dead-end links.

Writing an effective email campaign is an art form in its own right. Have the right team for the job – people who will be able to combine the right amount of technical information with a personalized touch.