5 Mobile Content Tips to Boost User Attention

Creating mobile content in content marketing requires one thing: good copy-writing. All too often content marketers focus on mobile usability when they create online content; and while mobile usability is a necessary element, it is not everything. On average you will have five to seven seconds to capture the attention of your users or recipients.

Capturing their attention will require you to use the following proven mobile marketing tactics.

How Do You Create Mobile-Optimized Content?

Mobile-optimized content starts with an innate understanding of your intended audience’s expectations as well as their capabilities for digesting content on a mobile device.

1. Toss out the old paradigms for creating online content

Creating mobile content is not the same as creating desktop content, nor is it the same as creating content for a physical publication. In fact, reading content on a mobile device is a totally different experience, so much so that the average person’s reading level reduces and their eye patterns adjust.

2. Images are viewed more than text

If you want your readers to actually read the article, blog post, press release, website, etc. from their mobile device, then you need to eliminate images. Studies show that viewers will spend more time looking at images on a mobile device than they will reading the actual content. The moral of the story is simple: if the image doesn’t readily advance your written point, then don’t use it on your mobile publication.

3. Say goodbye to unnecessary words

Thesauruses are great. Using fun, new words is great. Using unnecessarily complicated sentences is not. When it comes to mobile content creation, concise and clear writing that leverages the power of mobile keywords is key. Your goal should always be to present the reader with as much relevant content as possible before they have to swipe or tap their screen. The more concise you are, the larger the snapshot that you can present, and the more likely you are to actively engage with your readers.

4. Action, action read all about it

Short, strong headlines are a recipe for mobile content creation success. The reason behind this proven tactic is simple: lengthy headlines tend to be lost below the fold. Condensing your titles is an essential tactic to attracting more readers to click on your link, story, article, blog post, site, etc.

5. Lead with a great opener

Have you ever heard the expression, “bring your A game?” Bringing your A game is necessary if you want to successfully create impactful mobile content. When crafting mobile content remember to start with the most powerful statements. When a reader is on a mobile device they can only read a few sentences before being forced to tap or swipe. Make sure that you front-load your content marketing pieces so that the reader is encouraged to move beyond the fold.

The Bottom Line: Create Mobile Content for Mobile

The secret to creating amazing mobile content is very simple: remember that you are creating content for consumption on a small device with limited real estate. Instead of forcing your copywriters to write less, you need to encourage them to simply read better. Reading off of a mobile device is no longer a phenomenon; in fact, for the 2.6 billion worldwide smartphone users, reading off of the small screen is often a necessity. Through the simple act of creating mobile content that focuses on good writing, digestible content, and keeps the readers’ needs in mind, you can develop content that promotes increased levels of reader interactions.