Thanks to the vast wonders of the internet, the way we use conventional marketing strategies have drastically changed over the years. The big brand way of adverts are decreasing year by year due to DVR’s, Netflix and the forever increasing popularity of social media.

The fact is if you are not using social media, you are not a good marketer. In this article, you will see five powerful tips on how to integrate content marketing into your social media to make for a strong brand.

Know Your Market Inside Out

Knowing your market might sound like a simple and easy enough task to follow, but when you add social media into the mix, it gets a little more complicated. Knowing who will likely be interested in your product isn’t enough anymore, you also need to know where and how to find them through social media.

And with the slow death of pop-up ads, people on social media try their best to avoid adverts, so you have to advertise without selling. This means you have to not only compose the right message for your target audience, but you also have to do so in unconventional ways that will grab people’s attention. Make sure you do a lot of research of where to place your content as well as how to word it.

Get to Grips with the Social Dynamic

Just like you need to know the kind of people that want to buy a particular type of clothing, when it comes to content marketing on social media, you need to understand the feelings and psychology of social media users.

While social media is quite vast and overpopulated, it still has unique groupings within it, so, to utilize it to its full potential, you have to be able to know what goes on in said individual groups as well as figuring out where your content fits.

Use Call to Action

The use of call to action is vital when it comes to social media marketing. Whether your content marketing is integrated into social media or not, the primary objective is to grab people’s attention without shouting “please buy this!” at the top of your lungs; nothing does this as well as a call to action.

Think Like a Big Brand

Small businesses can both learn and utilize the social media techniques of big brands. A great tip is to shadow the biggest of brands on social media and see how they engage with their customers. If a big brand coffee shop has over 40 million likes on Facebook, it’s not by accident! Yes, they already have years upon years of building a fan base, but if you apply their strategies to your own content, such as communicating with clients through social media and creating content people will talk about, you will get the same results.


One of the most powerful, important, and useful tips when it comes to integrating marketing into your social media is engaging your audience. Simple things like asking people to leave a comment will not only make them feel involved in something, but it will also give you invaluable data on how well you are doing, straight from the required source.

Even a simple “thank you” goes a long way to making people feel engaged on social media, so don’t neglect the little things and make people feel good about your content.

The power of social media can never be underestimated, and if you use it wisely, your content can go from being unknown to being in competition with some of the big brands, so take note of the tips above and start using social media to your advantage.