Agencies face many challenges when it comes to managing and sifting through the massive amount of content and social data that exists. Even once that information has been curated, they must find a meaningful way to provide insight, collaborate with colleagues and provide stories to their clients that resonate.

Trying to meet these hefty expectations can put a lot of stress on an agency. Luckily, there are myriad marketing software platforms to help you. The following are five platforms I believe marketing agencies can’t live without.

1. Right Intel

Platform Type: Content & Knowledge Collaboration

Right Intel allows you to seamlessly curate, tag and categorize documents, analytics, industry news, market trends and your insights into a white-labeled hub. You can make unlimited Hubs for your agency, and for each of your clients.

Right Intel lets you be a true thought leader within your industry by attaching your personal insights to each content piece you share within your organization, with clients and to public audiences. You can share privately via email newsletters, private URLs and dashboards or publicly via blog posts on your company website and social networks.

2. GetResponse

Platform Type: Email Marketing

GetResponse is email marketing software with features such as annual plans, unlimited emails, pre-loaded templates, access for multiple users, Gmail import and Google Analytics. Get started in a matter of minutes with a quick import of your contacts, then start building newsletters and customized, automated follow-ups right away. And if you want to test GetResponse out before buying a plan, you can for 30 days at no cost.

3. Crimson Hexagon

Platform Type: Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

Deemed by many already using it as one of the best global social listening tools, Crimson Hexagon is a global social monitoring tool you need. With monitoring options in various languages and locations, you can track a broad overview of a topic, as well as specific issues related to said topic.

This platform has a clear user interface, searches quickly emerge, visualizations are clean and it has an ongoing product development cycle, ensuring the features users most want and value are integrated. Well-known brands like CNN, the Huffington Post and Mashable trust Crimson Hexagon, so you know you can too.

4. KISSmetrics

Platform Type: Website Analytics

KISSmetrics is the web analytics tool delivering the right insights and timely interactions to help you turn your website visitors into loyal customers. This analytics solution does three things for your business:

  1. Gain more customers by tracking the customer conversion process.
  2. Make intelligent business decisions by showing you which of your choices make the most profitable impact.
  3. Increase your bottom line by recognizing the data and trends directly affecting it.

With KISSmetrics you’ll be able to clearly understand and improve the metrics you need to focus on to successfully drive your online business.

5. Slack

Platform Type: Team Communication

For your team to run like a well-oiled machine and each team member be kept up-to-date on tasks and progress, you need open communication and transparency. Enter, Slack.

This online communication and collaboration tool lets you create a team or group, and then have private or group discussions and share needed links and work materials with one another. All communication is grouped into channels based on topics that you assign people to, and all the content you share is searchable. With its customizable notifications, mobile app and ability to integrate with other platforms you already use, Slack is a top enterprise choice for a team communication tool.

With the amount of information available, your agency needs to find tools that can help you find meaningful insights for your team (or brand) and your clients. Implementing these software platforms lets you collaborate more easily and better share information with your teams and clients.