We’re currently living in a world where the Internet is over-saturated with low quality content. This content adds no value, while taking up a significant amount of space. Much of this content is comprised of blog posts thrown up on websites without any planning or editing—the click bait articles that your peers endlessly share on social media.

As a marketer or entrepreneur who makes a living by creating powerful content, how can you rise above the noise and create share worthy items that add value? The answer is evergreen content, and it comes in a variety of forms.

Consider These 4 Types of Evergreen Content

Before diving in to the common types of evergreen content, it should be noted that not every type is suitable for every brand. You may find that a certain type is much more conducive to your industry, whereas another form fails to connect with users. Keep this in mind as you browse this list, and search for the ones that fit both your brand and industry.

1. Yearly Posts

The year is coming to a close and the content marketing industry will soon be full of “end of the year” posts. The reason these articles are so popular among content marketers is that they work. People love looking back on the past year or looking forward to the next one; it’s just something we do around the holiday season.

Well, in terms of evergreen content, these yearly posts are extremely valuable. People can reference previous yearly posts to reflect on a certain year and naturally anticipate the newest installment when the time comes. These are also extremely shareable articles that do very well on social networking sites.

2. Interviews

Interviews are great because they provide credibility and value. If you’re able to establish an interview with a well-known figure in your industry, you can attract a lot of traffic and backlinks for months to come.

While you really have two options for interviews (video/audio and written form) it’s wise to combine them. Video/audio interviews are very engaging, but aren’t as conducive to back linking as written form interviews. On the other hand, a written form interview won’t attract nearly the same amount of viewers as a video. If you’re publishing an interview on your website, it’s wise to post the entire video/audio clip along with the textual transcription for other bloggers to reference.


3. Interactive Content

Perhaps the most valuable and high returning form of evergreen content is interactive content. While it comes in a variety of forms, interactive content is essentially any form of content marketing that engages the end user beyond simply reading.

Examples of interactive content include videos, polls, quizzes, surveys, reveal-based marketing, interactive infographics, games and more. For examples of well-designed interactive content, check out this article.

4. How-To Guides

How-to guides and tutorials are the definition of evergreen content. As long as you sell a product or service, you’ll continue to have customers ask questions about how something works. By providing answers to frequent issues, problems, and inquiries, you can free up your time and help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. These guides remain relevant until the next time you make significant changes to your product offerings.

Outside the Box Idea: Vehicle Wrapping

While we think about evergreen content primarily in terms of web content, it should be noted that evergreen content also exists outside of the realm of the internet. In addition to the four types of content mentioned above, why not invest in something that’s a little outside the box, such as vehicle wrapping?

“Evergreen content is a phrase you may hear in SEO or content creation articles such as this one,” writes marketer Christopher Lee. “But what you choose to do with your vehicle or fleet of vehicles is, in a way, also evergreen content.”

Lee bases this idea on the fact that people have an innate ability to recall seeing a wrapped or detailed vehicle. According to one study, 80 percent of people are able to recall a specific advertisement after seeing it on a vehicle. Vehicle wrapping can be used for a long time and has a direct influence on those who are exposed to it—just like these other four types of evergreen content.

Invest in Evergreen Content Today

You can’t put off an investment in evergreen content any longer. As time passes, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out on the internet. By committing to producing high quality, evergreen content that adds value for months and years to come, you can better position your brand for long term content marketing success. Click bait content may provide an immediate return, but evergreen content produces results that last.