The main purpose of a Facebook ad is to boost conversions on a landing page by motivating users to click on the advertisement. Even with a properly optimized landing page, there is always opportunity to further streamline the customer journey from advertisement to landing page.

Here are four such factors that can boost conversions from Facebook ads:

1. Maintain Consistent Copy Across Ads & Landing Pages

Don’t mislead your customers with inconsistent offers. Think of landing pages as extensions of your advertisements, which means the copy should be consistent and flow seamlessly from one to the other.

For example, if your ad is catching attention and drawing traffic with the promise of “Min 80% off,” the landing page should offer a detailed description on which products users will actually get 80 percent off and when the event is going to end.

facebook-ad-1The landing page of this Facebook advertisement clearly discloses the brand of jewelry eligible for the sale, along with the date and time that the offer ends.

facebook-ad-22. Optimize the Call to Action

The most important part of a landing page is the call to action (CTA). Remember these essential tips for effective CTAs:

  • Carefully choose words that illustrate what you want your customers to do. Make it clear which actions you want your customers to take with prominent placement of phrases like “Buy now,” “Sign up” and “Learn more.”
  • Make your CTA clear, understandable and realistic to the users. A confusing or misleading call-to-action might lead to an unwanted increase in bounce rates.
  • Ensure that the CTA clearly matches the offers you are presenting through your Facebook ads. If ad copy and landing page copy do not match, conversions will not take place.
  • Use contrasting colors to emphasize your CTA to make them stand out and get noticed.
  • Make your CTAs clickable.

Here is an example of a relevant CTA on a Facebook Ad: facebook-ad-3

3. Design “Native” Landing Pages

Social media platforms are a great channel for communicating with your customers. If you’re lucky enough to grab their attention on a social platform, you may be able to keep them from bouncing by creating a landing page that feels native to the referring social media platform.

This Shopify ad’s landing page has the look and feel of Facebook, including a header that’s similar to the Facebook search bar:


4. Make it Skimmable

Subtle formatting clues can make a big difference in getting visitors to see and take action on CTAs. Make it quick and easy to read landing pages by using

  • Directional clues such as arrows pointing to clickable buttons
  • Contrasting colors in headlines and CTAs
  • Large, bold fonts for the most important messaging and text

Intuit puts all of these tricks of the trade into play with this simple, but effective, landing page:


These four best practices are just part of the Facebook ad landing page conversions theory. There are many other key elements essential for increasing conversions, but these four must be mastered before moving on to advanced optimization techniques.

The most important thing to remember is to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to get to the “Buy” button. With clear and consistent messaging, your customers’ journey can be both efficient and enjoyable.