Inconsistencies in customer communications can inevitably lead to unwanted decreases in loyalty and growth. Developing a completely holistic marketing plan depends on your use of the hottest technology available to allow for highly-targeted campaigns.

Nonetheless, it helps to identify where the biggest spills are so you can be better prepared to clean it up. Because if you wait too long, the mess will become too big to manage. Here are four of the most common digital marketing conundrums, and how to fix them.

1. You’re having trouble organizing all your stuff.

Whether you’re still stuck in the Stone Age and manually organizing projects by archaic job buckets or just overwhelmed by too many digital files, organization is critical. Having a complete view of all your files and digital assets, and knowing where each sits, can help you stay sane in today’s corporate world.

Many organizations are able to manage projects from online engines like Blackboard and Basecamp, but not many are able to organize assets, view a complete use history of assets, generate detailed reporting on use of assets, plan for budget, and run approvals of projects from a single source.

Being able to use one solution to achieve all these goals will help you consolidate all your marketing operations tasks and ultimately stay much more organized. It’ll take investment of time and resources, but when the alternative is having dispersed folders and spreadsheets and storage places, a marketing resource management solution is going to be worth your while.

2. You’re having trouble adjusting to the flurry of new digital marketing methods.

We know consumers own multiple digital devices—iPhones, iPads, laptops, smart watches and more. They perhaps use even more when they go out into the physical or online world—everything from ATMs to gas pumps to in-store kiosks to e-retail shopping sites. But how the heck are marketers supposed to be able to not only coordinate customer communications across all of these, but do so with striking consistency, responsiveness and usefulness?

Smart decision-making and self-learning are two key attributes digital marketers should start learning about; humans can only do so much. The larger your customer base, the more important an omni-channel marketing strategy is. There’s no doubt it’s a pretty daunting task when all of these different modes and mediums are staring you in the face.

Fortunately, a digital marketing solution can help you ease into channel management by orchestrating communications across all of the above outlets. Without one, it’s going to be impossible to be present at every point your buyers need you. If you’re trying to do more than momentarily increase sales, opting instead to increase long-term customer loyalty by actually engaging in a back-and-forth conversation, you need a digital marketing solution that can help.


3. You’re having trouble understanding if (and how) you should use social media.

Though everyone and their brother realizes the prominence of social media, not many people are really using it for strategic marketing purposes. The underlying power of social media lies within its scalability and scope. Reaching all your customers with a single tweet (or using individually-designed, targeted social advertising) makes social one of the cornerstones of successful companies.

Remarketing capabilities, as well as highly individualized social ads, can be used to make your customers feel as though you really do know them on a personal level. You’ll gain a step up on your competition by proving real value when it counts.

4. You’re having trouble optimizing marketing campaigns for successful execution.

Even when you’ve got all the pieces in place—the right people, a great big idea, and a set plan for a campaign—it can be difficult to fully optimize your assets for maximum value. That’s where the right kind of service consultants (i.e., experts in their niche area) can come in and help to either validate what you’re doing right, or offer suggestions and hands-on help where needed.

You’re busy. Your job is to ultimately drive revenue with marketing that works—to prove ROI, or ROMI, as the case may be. But if you’re consistently feeling hindered by lapses in process or teamwork or some other area that may not even be related to the quality of your marketing, you just can’t let that get in the way of success.

Ensuring campaigns are strategically sound and ready to roll wherever you need them is key. And making sure everything is running smoothly is often a challenge that needs addressing. Outside digital marketing optimization specialists can help to make sure everything is working perfectly in-sync.

Learning how to begin to remedy these barriers can ultimately propel your organization to heights you haven’t yet reached. Don’t let these kinds of obstacles—which plague so many businesses—stand between what you want to do and what you’re able to do. Take the next step, and don’t stop until you’ve reached where you need to be.