If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Twitter’s live-streaming video app called Periscope. In March, Periscope was made available to the public and has been downloaded by over 10 million users since. Right now, it’s estimated that its users are watching 10 years-worth of video per day and that number is still growing. That’s insane, right?

What is it about live video that makes people so interested in watching? It’s similar to reality TV, but without the production edits. Plus, it’s interactive. Following a brand, celebrity, musician or even one of your friends has never been more intense. Sure, you can follow your favorite celebrity’s Twitter account or Facebook page, but you can you hear their voice? How often do they really answer your tweets back? In Periscope, you can type messages and get responses to your questions right away.

Remember that big “fight” many of you paid $100 to watch on cable or satellite—the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight? Then you also may remember the controversy that followed by those who were able to watch it for free via Periscope users who live-streamed the event right in the arena.

Periscope for Marketers?

There is a future for live-streaming video and it includes marketing. Let’s say you are about to launch something new for your business and you want to create some buzz. How can you do that using live video? There are a number of ways to incorporate the platform:

  1. Hold a press conference on Periscope. Who needs the large, crowded rooms filled with journalists, television reporters and radio jockeys when they can all tune in remotely?
  2. Get behind the scenes. Show the building process of your products. How are your products constructed? Who are the people that build your products? Then be ready to answer any questions about your process.
  3. Show viewers around your office. If you have some interesting folks with likeable personalities who know a thing or two about your products or services, let them be the face of your company culture.
  4. Broadcast live at an event. Nothing says “cool” and “relevant” like being at an exclusive event.
  5. Set up a product demo with live Q&A.
  6. Give out a free product or a coupon for discounted services in your video, but make sure you have a good marketing message to go along with it.
  7. Use geo-tagging tagging to target a specific audience. One of your stores might be having a sale, whereas others are not.
  8. Ask questions. Be brave and ask for constructive criticism because you could hear some real honesty and get some good ideas for fixing customer service issues.
  9. Have a celebrity takeover your account for the day if you have access to credible influencers in your industry. This could be a local or national celebrity.
  10. Webinars. Show off your expertise in a new way and ‘scope your webinars.

Take an Omni-Channel Approach

Success on Periscope doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To get viewers, first you must create buzz about your upcoming live stream on other channels, such as Twitter, a business page on Facebook, email or anywhere else your customers are hanging out. Get them excited by letting them know you’re going to release something new and suggest that they tune in (don’t forget to tell them where, how and when). Position the live stream as interactive and instruct them to come ready to engage and prepared with lots of questions.

In the deluge of content available to today’s consumers, it’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out and offer something truly unique. By innovating on a new platform and offering up interesting, entertaining and relevant content, you’re making huge strides at setting your brand apart from the rest of the pack.