We know! You’re busy. Period.

You don’t have time in the day to worry or even begin to worry about your content marketing strategy. As a business owner or head of your Marketing department, your day is filled with worrying about increasing your bottom line.

Not about writing blog posts.

You also know that there are many facets to search engine optimization and content marketing that help improve your bottom line and take your business to the next level.

Blog posts have proven to provide a great return on investment over time, but only if they are written well and are about subjects people want to read.

That’s the tricky part.

Most marketers assume that simply putting a few well-written words on a page makes a great blog post, but that isn’t the case. Unless you’re putting in the time and expertise, your blog posts are doing more harm than good.

Planning Starts Weeks In Advance

How many times have you been sitting at the office or your house and realized you needed to put a blog post up ASAP. You look at your blog page and notice you haven’t posted in a few weeks, so you bang out a three hundred work post and call it day.

This is why no one is reading it.

Planning for a good blog post starts about three weeks out from the publication date and is part of an editorial calendar. It begins with an idea and a few notes and then the research starts.

By the time you get to writing it, you should have pages of research, links, statistics and more. Do you have time for that? If you’re like most business owners, probably not.

By outsourcing to a content expert, you’re taking all this out of your hands. You’ll still approve topics, etc., but the nuts and bolts go to the writer.

They do all the planning and the research and you reap all the benefits. According to Hubspot, businesses that are consistent with blogging are 13 times more likely to get a positive return on investment.

Long Form Blog Posts Increase Conversions

How long are the blog posts you traditionally write? If you’re like most people, then you’re putting anywhere from 300 words to 600 words and calling it a day.

Google likes long-form content averaging 2,000 to 5,000 words and so do website readers.

If someone wants to know all there is to know about a particular subject, they don’t want to go from article to article if they can get everything from a single post…and cornerstone content was born.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

The problem with cornerstone content is they’re not easy to write. Many people who write their own business blogs have a difficult time writing 500 words, let as well 5,000. This is where a content expert becomes your best friend.

They understand the best way to organize and create the required content. It’s not good enough that the article has length, it has to be organized and well written too or else it’s never going to lead to conversions.

Knowing How to Write a Blog Post is More Important than Subject Knowledge

Many businesses don’t think that content experts can create effective blog posts because they’re unfamiliar with the subject matter. You’re the expert and know everything about it, so aren’t you the best choice to write it. Sorry, but that’s not the case.

A well-trained writer, especially those with previous journalism experience, has the ability to take information and create blog posts that are informative, engaging and entertaining without being an expert in the subject matter.


They have you as a resource. According to medium.com, blog posts involve everything from great headlines and subhead to extensive grammar and subject matter editing.

They have the knowledge to stylistically create a great blog post and you have the product and service knowledge they can use. Content experts are masters of research and know how to pull out information from numerous sources and put everything together to create the art of the blog.

When content experts are involved that’s what the blog becomes…art. Have you ever stared at a piece of art in a museum and it stirred your emotions or made you think and see things in a different way? That’s exactly what a content expert does with words on your blog.

It’s an Investment You Won’t Regret

You may be asking yourself, “Big deal, I have a great blog post, so what. No one reads my blog anyway.” That sentence is exactly the problem. If you’re writing generic and basic blog posts without any depth or engagement, then why would they want to read your blog?

With a little bit of marketing know-how, a well-crafted blog can bring in customers years after it’s been created. The best blogs provide knowledge to your customers by answering their questions or providing knowledge that they won’t find elsewhere.

How many times have you had to call or email customer service because you couldn’t figure out how to do something or something wasn’t clear? Odds are more times then you want to remember.

A good content creator understands this and creates blogs that help answer these questions, etc. Do you know what people do after reading it? They share it with their friends and then their friends share it with their friends. If it’s really great, people will use it for their own blog posts and give your site credit.

A good content expert is an investment no different than getting a more efficient computer system. It’s an expense that will pay for itself in the long run.

One Investment Leads to Many Avenues

A long form blog post can be much more than what it seems. You can take the information and create an infographic to share on Pinterest and Instagram.

You can take snippets and put them on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t think that your investment in a content expert ends with a single blog post. You can extend that reach to many different avenues and get even more mileage out of your investment.

Each of those avenues can bring in even more people to your website. The infographic can end up being pinned and shared and linked back to your main blog. The Facebook and Twitters posts are liked, shared and retweeted to others.

A single piece of well-crafted content can dramatically increase your authority, your relevance, your conversions and your brand reputation and it’s all thanks to a content expert.