There are many different paths for a sales career, some people end up becoming full-time sales employees, go for straight commission sales, or become consultants. You can even start your own business once you have mastered advanced skills.

Some of the most successful companies out there offer extensive training and mentoring to their sales teams. Here, we review the top five companies and also look at their training, mentoring and career growth opportunities.

1. Heartland Payment Systems

Part of the Fortune 1000, Heartland Payment Systems is a payment processing and technology provider based in the US. They encourage their salespeople to focus on building their personal portfolio. The major incentives for sales include: 100% commission-based salary and uncapped commission.

Heartland has created a Sales Professional Bill of Rights to show their dedication to transparency and honesty when it comes to sales.

Training and Career Growth

  • They facilitate their employees to start earning from day one
  • Sales Mentors are assigned to all employees
  • The company supports you throughout the career and offers robust tools to enhance sales skills
  • New recruits are supported throughout their RAILS training programs by veteran team members
  • Learning is focused on field-training and dialogue

2. SunGard

SunGard is an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

It provides software and technology consultation to educational, financial and public sector organizations.

Training and Career Growth

  • Training courses on various topics and tracks
  • SunGard emphasize growth and provides a continuous learning environment
  • Specific “Learning Days” are designated once a month
  • Leadership development and manager coaching is offered
  • Robust mentoring programs
  • Personalized career planning checkpoints are set and can be discussed with the manager
  • Availability of extensive online knowledge and training resources are available on the company’s intranet

3. ClearSlide

Based in San Francisco, ClearSlide is a SaaS company which developed the sales engagement platform also called ClearSlide. Their work culture is strong, disciplined and transformative.

Training and Career Growth

  • Often called a meritocracy due to its strong emphasis on promoting best performers
  • Younger talent gets excellent opportunities to learn from the senior sales employees
  • Sales reps are guided at each step of the sales cycle
  • The company focuses on producing high caliber talent
  • Their employee code of conduct is based on six core values:
    • Delivering true value
    • Being thoughtful and ambitious
    • Open feedback approach
    • Innovative collaboration
    • Environment-friendly and sustainable approach to business
    • Investing in employees’ future

Check out the ClearSlide career portal for more information.

4. Hilti

Hilti calls itself a family company and claims that people development is a critical success factor for the company. Their corporate culture is focused on 4 core values: integrity, teamwork, courage and commitment.

Training and Career Growth

  • Long-term attractive career prospects
  • New recruits go through a “Let’s Start Together” program to promote integration
  • 80% of management positions are filled by internally promoted employees
  • Provide cross-functional development trainings
  • Aim to convert employees into experts
  • Employees (in collaboration with their team leader) define their individual development and business targets
  • Regular feedback is given which is part of a continuous coaching process
  • Team leaders are judged on how well they develop their team and results
  • Offers an atmosphere of cooperation, respect and openness

Check out their career portal for current vacancies.

5. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated is headquartered in Boston. It provides information and storage management services to large enterprises. The company considers its employees the biggest asset and focuses on nurturing growth. The company’s philosophy is based on six core values: total customer satisfaction, integrity, action orientation, accountability, teamwork and candor

Training and Career Growth

  • Encourage employees to be open to new ideas
  • Training focuses on acquiring new and diverse skills
  • New recruits are guided from day one and set on a path of success
  • Offer different employee training programs such as: core skill, leadership and role-specific
  • Provide support to employees who want to pursue relevant studies

Check out the career section on the official Iron Mountain website.

A career in sales is extremely rewarding and helps you earn well. Whatever path you choose, the first step in the journey is to join the right company. Almost every major company has a dedicated sales department. So you can take your pick if you have dedication and talent.