Writing effective and catchy cold email subject lines is a useful skill. Email marketing has a whopping 3800% ROI, which is why it shouldn’t be ignored. Your carefully crafted email copy will not be read unless the receiver opens it. This is where your subject line comes in. Craft the perfect subject line and you will boost conversions.

We have rounded up some of the best cold email subject lines for you. These 20 templates have been proven to get results if used properly.

But first, we will clarify some general ground rules for catchier subject lines:

  • Keep your message simple
  • Make your point using 7 to 8 words
  • Get straight to the point
  • Use specific words
  • Do not mislead the prospect in any way
  • Make sure your email copy lives up to the subject line’s promise
  • Be clear about your offer/promotion
  • Use any demographic information you have to customize the subject
  • Try to leave out generic greetings
  • Try to be single-minded when writing message copy and subject lines
  • Try to use words such as: tomorrow, alert, free, daily, follow-up, introduction/intro, update
  • Avoid the following gimmick-y buzzwords such as: final, sale, tempting, reminder, meeting, help, unique, exciting, specials, solution, discount, state of the art, and partner. These will redirect your email into the Spam folder.

If you want to write a customized cold email subject line, following the above rules will definitely help. For a template which is guaranteed to work simply use any listed below. Try to choose the most relevant one and tweak it to fit your needs.

  1. A New [Department name] Strategy for [Business name]
  2. [Sender’s name/Sender’s company] – Introduction
  3. How [Competitor] achieved (High Level Benefit/ Target)
  4. [Sender’s name, Specific Skill] – Trying to Connect
  5. [Mutual contact] Recommended I get in Touch with You
  6. Offer genuine compliment or feedback about a product/service
  7. Quick Request
  8. Trying to connect
  9. A [Benefit] for [Receiver’s Company Name]
  10. Leave it blank! (This one is a little sneaky but it might do the trick)
  11. Question about [Goal/Target]
  12. [Product/Service you provide] that/with [Differentiating factor]
  13. Great Ideas for [Whatever service you provide]
  14. [Problem your service/product solves] Sucks, let us Solve it.
  15. 10 x [Company] [Result) in Ten Minutes?
  16. How [Prospect’s major competitor] is Hitting the Mark with Customers
  17. [Contact’s first name], are you free to chat [Date – Soon]?
  18. A [Benefit] for [Prospect’s Company]
  19. Thank you, [Contact’s First Name]
  20. [Benefit in 3-4 Words]

Try to select more than one subject line. It is always best to experiment with a few in order to determine which one gets the best response. Different subject lines will have varying levels of success depending on what you are trying to sell and who your recipient is. Testing gives you valuable interaction data about your prospects. You will be able to pinpoint what your prospects respond to. All this data will help you build prospect profiles and groups which will help in future email marketing campaigns.

Cold emailing means the intended audience will not recognize your name, it is better to focus on the benefits you provide. In fact, it is best to zero in on the most relevant benefit you can provide. Remember that you are addressing a human being, so avoid overly formal or technical words. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and then go about writing email copy and subject lines.