Trade shows provide your business unique face-to-face opportunities with industry influencers and can be a tremendous investment in your company’s future. To ensure you make the best possible first impression, your business needs a well-designed trade show booth to catch the eye of potential customers. If your display is feeling a bit outdated, before you spend the money on a new display, consider these three cost-effective ways to refresh your trade show booth.

Swap Out Your Current Graphics for an Updated Look

Many companies prefer to update their trade show display graphics in lieu of investing in a new booth because the former keeps your booth design fresh, while remaining affordable. If your current booth is not looking its best because of outdated visuals, a modest investment in graphics can help to draw onlookers and win business.

This is the perfect technique if you like the overall structure of your existing booth. You already know where the graphics will go and what dimensions you need, meaning the only step left is to simply decide on what the new graphics will look like.


For their 2016 trade show campaign, Aclara wanted to refresh their image and needed updated graphics to reflect their recent rebranding campaign. Aclara partnered with Nimlok to update their existing 40’ x 40’ exhibit with fresh new graphics, giving the exhibit a new look while remaining cost-effective. The updated graphics reflected Aclara’s rebranding with soft hues of blue blended with crisp white backgrounds, helping visually symbolize Aclara’s water management solutions to visitors.

Integrate Portable Trade Show Displays into Your Exhibit

Another way you can augment your current trade show display is by adding a portable display to your set-up. The addition of an iPad stand or literature rack can provide a new interactive element for your visitors. You can also feature particular products or services with a new banner stand or kiosk. These types of visuals make a big impact, but are much more affordable than purchasing a new display.


In 2015, Fleet Engineers planned to exhibit at multiple shows throughout the year and wanted a cost-effective portable exhibit. Fleet Engineers worked closely with Nimlok to design a 10’ x 20’ reconfigurable exhibit featuring a portable backwall and banner stands. The banner stands made for the perfect integrated display solution because they could be positioned at strategic points in the exhibit and easily be updated with new graphics.

Rent Display Items and Outfit Them with Custom Graphics

Renting trade show displays and outfitting them with custom graphics is one of the most cost-efficient options to available to exhibitors. You can rent an array of trade show booth components that feature customizable graphics.

Also, if you are considering purchasing a new element for your trade show booth, but are not quite sure how it will fit with your existing display, renting allows you to test drive before you buy. Aside from the obvious benefits of brand exposure and keeping within budget, renting display items means you do not need to worry about storage.


The North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church was in need of budget-friendly rental trade show display solutions. The North American Division utilized Nimlok’s extensive rental catalog to handpick a collection of high-impact, budget-friendly trade show displays and outfitted them in vivid custom graphics.

Consult an Expert for a Cohesive Trade show Booth Overhaul

If your booth needs more updating than a simple logo switch or added banner stand, it may be time to consult a trade show display expert. Nimlok expert dealers are available to help you come up with a trade show design that fits your needs, budget and brand.