So, you have selected a trade show, assembled your elite team of booth staffers and now you are ready to design an unforgettable exhibit. But with so many trade show exhibit and display options available, where should you begin? We evaluated the most successful island exhibits and highlight what you need to know to design a show-stopping exhibit that meets your needs.

What Are Island Trade Show Exhibits?

Surrounded by aisles on all four sides, island trade show exhibits are one of the most popular exhibit configurations. The typical dimensions of an island exhibit are 20’ x 20’, 30’ x 30’, 40’ x 40’ and larger. The layout of an island exhibit directly impacts how many attendees enter your space, where traffic flows, what messages are communicated and how long attendees stay in the booth, so making sure you select the right layout for your trade show goals is important. There are several layouts an exhibitor can select when opting for an island exhibit. Below are two common layouts, and what trade show objectives they work best for.

The Axis Layout

The Axis Layout utilizes a centralized structure as an axis point for the exhibit design, with independent structural elements such as kiosks, towers, counters and products displays positioned near the corners and perimeter of the exhibit. If you are planning to engage your visitors with multiple products or are looking to highlight multiple brands in one space, then the Axis Layout is ideal.

Advantages of the Axis Layout:

The open floor plan of the Axis Layout allows traffic to flow in and out of the space organically, reducing clutter and traffic build up. The Axis Layout also allows attendees to engage with your exhibit because of the engagement points placed at the perimeter of the space.

The Presenter Layout

If you want to captivate your trade show audience by putting on a show, whether through product demonstrations, guided discussions or multimedia displays, then the Presenter is the ideal layout for you. The Presenter Layout features a theater/presentation and additional supporting display elements, such as multimedia kiosks to display show times, product information stations and client consultation areas. If you are looking to engage, communicate and employ storytelling at your trade show, consider the Presenter Layout.

Advantages of the Presenter Layout:

Unlike the Axis Layout, the Presenter Layout’s closed-off space requires an attendee to make a complete commitment to step inside. Once inside, you have complete control over their experience, from where they walk and what they see, to whom they speak.

Nimlok’s Guide to Island Exhibits

Choosing how your island exhibit will be organized and laid out is essential for trade show success. Nimlok’s Design Guide to Island Exhibits will help guide you through the basic elements of island exhibits and highlight more common layouts. Download your free copy today!