Creative Trade Show Booth Design

The design of your trade show exhibit speaks volumes about your company and serves as the foundation upon which you shape your trade show marketing success. A well-design exhibit will attract visitors, support your goals, reflect the identity of your brand and leave a lasting impression on visitors. In this post, we feature ten exhibit designs that masterfully combined substance and style to differentiate themselves from competitors on the show floor.

Brand Consistency

Whether you are a well-established brand or a smaller niche company, the need for brand consistency is key for trade show success. Triangle Suspension was able to establish strong brand consistency by promoting three distinct product lines under a unified look and feel. Triangle Suspension used branded signage at high, mid and low points, pillar structures with uniform colors and product images to construct a thematically consistent space for visitors.

Tell Attendees What You Do

Letting attendees know who you are and what you do can be the difference in seeing healthy trade show ROI or failing to meet your goals at an event. Brock Systems used its exhibit to showcase the brand’s capabilities by featuring silo-inspired structures built from aluminum extrusions and fabric graphics to creatively communicate brand messaging to booth visitors.

Stand Out

Getting noticed on the trade show floor is easy if you have a bold trade show booth design. Promega wanted to create a store-front look and feel on the trade show floor with its 20’ x 30’ exhibit featuring brick-textured graphics and an awning to cap off the store-inspired look. Promega’s exhibit design attracted the attention of passersby while standing apart from the crowd.

Be Playful

Industry trade shows can be routine and sometimes boring. Incorporating games into a booth space and break up the tedium can attract prospects. Winfield created a lustrous, green branded environment that employed “backyard games”— such as a putting green and bags set — to engage prospects on the trade show floor.

Broadcast Your Brand

If you want your brand to be remembered, you need to broadcast your logo and name across the show hall. Pharmerica did just that with two stunning fabric graphic structures that displayed its name prominently in big bold lettering. Whether attendees where inside the booth or far across the convention center, Pharmerica’s name was easily visible.

Trade Show Giveaways

Giving attendees something they want or need can vault your brand ahead of other exhibitors. Accenture used 3D molding cameras to digitize visitor’s heads while 3D printers printed their profiles. The printed profiles attached to the bodies of Lego™ “Heroes of Risk” characters and were given to attendees as a giveaway item to take home.

Build Relationships

Private spaces where staff and prospects can sit down to have intimate conversations go a long way in building strong relationships. Novel Ingredient’s exhibit housed multiple private consultation rooms within the space, allowing booth staffers to engage in meaningful conversations with prospects and clients.

Branded Environments

Branded environments help bolster brand identity and can be impactful experiences for visitors entering the space. Krispy Krunchy Chicken captured the imaginations of prospects by designing a barn-inspired exhibit to mimic the brand’s downhome.

Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you have a small or a large booth, you should definitely maximize every square foot to your advantage. Life Talk Radio used a branded “chip wall” structure to create a radio studio set up on the show floor. The small space was more than enough to communicate Life Talk Radio’s brand message to attendees.

Clear and Uncluttered

Wide open spaces are inviting to passersby as they provide an open area away from the busy and crowded aisle of the trade show floor. Mitsubishi’s 50’ x 80’ exhibit was surrounded by low walls, making it easy for passersby by to view the the space inside the layout was uncluttered and open, serving as a comfortable backdrop for dialog.

Want More Trade Show Booth Design Tips?

If you want more exhibit design tips and ideas for your next exhibit, download Nimlok’s Exhibit Design Guide. Learn how to complete an exhibit design needs assessment worksheet, design your trade show graphics and more with this free comprehensive guide.