In 2014, NewsCred’s highest-performing piece of content was about the millennial demographic and how brands were eager to reach them, but they weren’t impressed. We were curious what the key to their hearts, minds, and wallets was – and judging by the success of this one blog post (42K views and counting), so are you. So we commissioned a study to survey 501 millennials and the results reveal that nearly two-thirds (62%) feel a direct correlation between content marketing and brand loyalty. The problem? They are turned off by the content they’re receiving. The survey also revealed 10 proven tactics that brands can leverage in their content marketing to successfully reach this elusive demographic:

1. Tailor content to individuals’ unique cultural interests

When it comes to engaging millennials, creating content tailored to their individual interests is extremely important. This means you need to keep in mind their age, location, and cultural interests at all times. You also need tools to help you develop a deep understanding of who they are, where they are, and what motivates them.

2. Make sure content is useful or helpful towards solving everyday problems of millennials

Creating content tailored to their individual interests is extremely important. You also need tools to help you develop a deep understanding of who they are, where they are, and what motivates them.

3. Avoid being sales-y or self-promotional 

In 2014, our average attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Does that mean every article should be a listicle? No. The days of long-form content are not over. This just means that content should not feel like an empty marketing ploy.

4. Keep it short

Despite the value of long-form content, 41% of millennials said the main reason they abandon content is that it’s too long. Keep the context of your content in mind – are they on a mobile device looking for a quick distraction or researching for real, in-depth information?

5. Aim to be thought-provoking and intelligent

NewsCred’s survey found that 60% of millennials only share content when it is “thought provoking and intelligent.”

6. Be funny

Do you like to laugh? Great, so do millennials (and just about everyone). But it isn’t just about laughter, it’s about emotion. Millennials want a reason to connect with your content, and in turn, your brand. If you can build an emotional connection with someone, it means you can build trust.

7. Be authentic 

Aside from your content inspiring, educating, or entertaining your audience, it also needs to be a positive reflection of your brand’s perspective.

8. Don’t bank on virality or social endorsements alone

When asked “What gets you to share?” over 50% responded “It’s relevant to my circle of friends.”

9. Ensure personalization by price point, location, race, etc.

Keep it personal – 
54% of millennials prefer content tailored to their age, 55% prefer content tailored to their location, and 63% prefer content tailored to their cultural interests.

10. Deploy formats that are easy to digest and share

The truth is, millennials consume content across a number of different platforms, and their favorite platforms change with the wind. Part of maintaining relevancy is putting your content on the right channel.

In the infographic below we explore other major data points from our study: “The Millennial Mind: How Content Drives Brand Loyalty” and seven ways brands turn off millennials with bad content marketing.

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