Starting today, Marketo is excited to introduce to you a brand new series of vlogs (yes, you read that correctly), the first three of which will be on the topic of mobile marketing!

With the age of mobile marketing upon us, there is not only a whole new slew of possible campaigns for marketers to dig their fingers into, but there’s also a ripe batch of guidelines to familiarize themselves with. To make sure they’re starting off on the right foot, and that all their T’s are crossed and all their I’s are dotted, it’s important for marketers to follow some best practices.

One of these practices is obtaining permission from their current customers and potential customers alike before sending SMS and MMS messages to their mobile devices. Just like with email marketing, subscribers must actively opt in to a company’s mobile marketing. So, in a sense, this requirement isn’t anything new for marketers to learn, but it’s still crucial to remember and implement.

So, whether it’s through a text message, signage, a website form, social media, or email, marketers must get prior written consent from those they wish to contact. Written consent can be as simple as writing “SUBSCRIBE” in a text message or in a web-form on the company’s website.

Hey marketers, listen up! The bottom line here is that it’s easy and simple to get permission, so there’s no excuse not to do it! In addition, it’s sound practice to provide your subscribers with information on how to opt out of receiving your messages. Not giving them this ability or the instructions to do so could backfire, irritating them and casting negative light on your brand.

Interestingly, obtaining permission from your subscribers is not only good marketing etiquette, but it’s also a legal requirement under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 2013. So, I’ll keep saying it—make sure you comply! With mobile becoming more and more integral to modern marketing strategy, you wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of your ability to market through mobile (or any channel, for that matter). So, be sure to make obtaining permissions a priority before initiating any mobile marketing campaign.

On that note, I am pleased to present Marketo’s first vlog, Mobile Permissions! Take a look…

More information on mobile permissions and other savvy mobile marketing tips can be found in The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing. Check it out! With that being said, make sure you stay tuned for next Thursday’s vlog, Mobile Responsive Design, where you’ll learn why responsive design for your organization’s website is the best place to start with your mobile marketing efforts.