Engagement marketing is a marketing strategy where marketers create meaningful interactions with people throughout their customer journey. This type of relationship building is important in today’s fast-moving and quickly-changing digital marketing landscape. Further, mastering this strategy is a great opportunity for companies to generate brand awareness and build loyalty with their customer base. (Sounds amazing, right?!)

MSPs: Guiding Marketers in the Right Direction

As a solution consultant, it is my privilege to meet with clients and help them understand how they can empower their business with this innovative marketing strategy. It seems that almost every day I run into clients who love the idea of engagement marketing but just don’t know where to begin. Do they start with content, nurture, or lead scoring? What about PPC and re-marketing? Not to mention personalizing the website. It goes without saying that there are countless directions a company could choose to go. But how do they choose wisely? With every business requiring a unique path, it’s best to hire a specialist to help guide you: enter, the Managed Service Provider (MSP)!

MSPs specialize in a variety of areas necessary to run a great engagement marketing strategy. From implementation to data integration, and campaign strategy to content, there is a MSP out there who can help you in one or all of these areas—it’s what they do! There are many reasons why companies choose to leverage an MSP, so there’s no doubt at least one of these will apply to you:

1. Engagement Marketing Is New to Them

Engagement marketing is a relatively new concept (some of my larger clients, as resource-equipped as they are, still haven’t mastered it). Why? Perhaps they are doing traditional advertising, or perhaps they’re confusing email marketing with engagement, or maybe they don’t understand the true ROI of engagement marketing, so they’re not allocating adequate resources to it; whatever the case, many still have yet to make this important leap. Hence, they do not have the strategy and tools necessary to maintain meaningful relationships with their customers. This where MSPs come in to save the day! MSPs, simply, get it. In fact, they’re experts at using marketing automation technology to do just that. They have acquired proficiencies in house that take years for a traditional marketing department, through trial and error, to fully understand. The bonus here?—Not only do MSPs achieve a positive ROI in a relatively short amount of time, but their clients are able to learn from them as they go, too. [That’s what we call the icing on the (marketing) cake!]

2. Their Marketing Queue Is Too Long

In other cases I have found that even though my client has proficient resources on staff, they don’t have adequate access to them because their project or department is not a priority at their company. What this means to the marketer is long wait times for critical and time sensitive initiatives, missed opportunities, and, ouch, missed ROI. And like with many things out there, timing is everything. So, using a MSP will remove this obstacle because MSPs can typically get your engagement campaign out very quickly and with relative ease, so now you no longer need to wait in line to get things done!

3. They (Think They) Don’t Have the Budget for It

Companies must rethink “not having the budget for engagement marketing”—the truth is, they don’t have the budget not to do engagement marketing! Engagement marketing is worth every penny. It works. Why? Buyers are spending most of their time on self-directed journeys, and they demand a personalized approach. So, it’s imperative we communicate with them in a meaningful way throughout their journey, hence engaging with them like never before. Using an MSP to accomplish this goal can be surprisingly affordable, since typically, MSPs are supporting many different customers at the same time and therefore will get volume discounts from the vendor. In addition, they have already devised effective strategies for many clients that can be leveraged for an economy of scale. So on a short term basis, the cost of using a MSP can be 30-40% less than deploying your own instance for the same project. (If that’s not a compelling stat, I don’t know what is.) All in all, with MSPs, companies are getting a high level of expertise and great value for their money—definitely a winning combination!

As you set out to run your next (or first) engagement marketing campaign, I implore you to consider hiring a MSP. For Marketo users in particular, we provide a brilliant partner network, LaunchPoint, carrying the marketing and industry expertise you need. Just think, with this sound investment, not only will you master engagement marketing, but you’ll also take your ROI to the next level. What a deal!

Have you jumped on the engagement marketing bandwagon by hiring a MSP? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!