Achieve Real-Time, Real Engagement with Live Video

Live streaming is all the buzz lately. While it’s certainly not a new concept (think televised sports games or Saturday Night Live), many social media platforms now have capabilities that allow anyone and everyone to share live videos with their audience—be it friends, families, colleagues, or prospects and customers.

Captivate Your Buyers

Whether you’re filming raw, Blair Witch Project-style footage on-the-go or professionally editing it, live streamed video is an opportunity that all marketers should consider adding to their content marketing mix. In fact, Brandlive reports that 79% of businesses perceive live video as a more authentic way to connect with audiences, and users are 10x more likely to comment on video than other forms of media, according to Facebook. That’s some serious engagement! So how do you make the most of it as a marketer?

Broadcast Your Brand

There are a variety of platforms you can use to reach your audience, many of which lend themselves to different audiences. Some big players include the likes of Twitter via its Periscope app, Facebook, Snapchat, and more recently LinkedIn. To pick the right one(s), understand who your audience is and which channels they like to engage on, then reach them on there.

But understanding where you’ll live stream on is just the start. To engage the right audience, you need to understand the objectives of your video and what format it’ll take. Are you informing your audience about a topic of your expertise? You may want to live stream a Q&A session with a subject-matter expert. Are you launching a new product and trying to raise awareness? Perhaps a product unveiling/unboxing would be best. Or maybe you simply want to highlight your corporate culture, which means you might want to give viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on in your office.

Ready to take the leap into live streaming video? Check out our infographic Live Stream Like a Pro: How to Captivate Your Audience and Broadcast Your Brand with Live Video to learn why you should consider live video for your brand, which platforms to consider, and what formats to explore.

To learn more about the different social media platforms and how you can effectively use them to engage your audience using both written and video content, download our Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing.