The best sales reps are the ones that clearly know the stages and complexity of their sales cycle and the dynamic elements that can be different based on the size of the opportunity. The roadmap of a successful sales cycle can be different for each sale, but a map of how your deal could come to close is extremely valuable. Once you’ve white boarded this path you can start to sense and sniff what a deal looks like in the early stages. The great reps are then able to accelerate their deals by knowing the exact path to take their prospects down, and which necessary steps will give them the highest chance to win.

I challenge each salesperson to define the stages in their sales cycle and identify their strengths and weaknesses. You should gain insight into how many days typically fall between these stages, where you can add a step (or take one away), and where you need to add value to your prospect through their buying journey. The difference between winning and losing is how well you personalize the buying experience and add value through each stage of the cycle. This value helps to create urgency, and that urgency allows you to fast track deals and get to power.

From the discovery call, to the demo, to the buying and negotiation round, I invite you to check out the infographic below to learn what I call the seven steps to SaaS sales success! I created this infographic with salespeople in mind, to gain a clear picture of their sales cycle and see an example of one they can model theirs after. Enjoy!

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