Today’s marketers work in an environment where they have access to thousands of tools for delivering their messages. Studies endorse that marketers continue to rate email as the most effective digital marketing tool with higher return on investment. However, despite higher adoption, professionals continue to complain their inability to achieve email marketing results. A recent study conducted by Ascend2 highlights some key challenges that modern marketers face and also shares some remedies.

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Ascend2, has come up with a research on “Email Marketing Trends” in partnership with Leading Marketing Solution Providers. The survey was conducted online from a panel of more than 50,000 US and international marketing, sales and business professionals to share valuable insights with you.

Ascend2 Email Marketing Trends report covers the following segments.

Improving Click-through Rates:

Ascend2 along with its research partners conducted this survey and interviewed 303 marketing, sales and business professionals from around the globe. According to the survey, motivating people to click on your emails is the biggest and constant challenge faced by marketers globally. The survey says that more than half (53 percent) of marketers consider low click-through rates to be the biggest email marketing challenge.

Most important objectives:

Ascend2 “Email Marketing Trends” report suggests marketers to create compelling messages and offers. Doing this will surely increase engagement with email campaigns. It is also reported that an engaged recipient is not only helpful to click on a call-to-action, but may also result as an increase in leads generated.

Rating email marketing success:

According to the survey, 89% or marketers rated email marketing as a successful marketing channel. However, 28% of them considered it to be the successful approach, while only 2% of them considered it to be very unsuccessful.

Most Useful Metrics:

The survey reported tracking of click-through rates as the most useful metric for measuring the success level and performance of an email marketing campaign. It is because, if the recipients of your email are not clicking on call-to-action of your email, there wouldn’t be any chance of them to convert into leads or customers.

Most Challenging Obstacles:

Around 53% of companies surveyed by Ascend2 pointed low click-through rate as the most challenging obstacle to email marketing success. However, forty-one percent reported lack of effective strategy as the largest obstacle, while 32 percent cited deficit of quality content.

Most Effective Methods:

Marketers have also identified some of the most effective ways to increase click-through rates in the survey. 65% of them considered meaningful call-to-action as the best way to overcome this obstacle. 47% rated list segmentation for targeting as the best way. While, 42 percent noted message personalization.

How CTRs are changing:

Low CTR is primary email marketing challenge for majority of marketers. According to the report, for about one-third (34%) of companies surveyed is not changing. Also, 39% rated CTRs as increasing, while 27% rated CTRs as decreasing.

Most Difficult Methods:

Ascend2 “Email Marketing Trends” report says that most marketers think List segmentation for targeting campaigns as the most difficult method for increasing CTRs. This is because, list segmentation demands a data-driven marketing approach; the use of quality and complete information on prospects and customers.

Email Marketing Resources Used:

According to the survey, around 72% of surveyed companies used to outsource all or part of their email marketing programs, in order to get better results with the use of specialized expertise and capabilities. However, only 28% of them execute email marketing using in-house resources.

Usually, the data showed that email marketing progress is moderately stagnant. The only thing to remember is that with an increasing number of people reading emails on mobile, you should be clear and concise while planning and designing your campaign and avoid overcrowding your emails.

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