Email marketing automation can be used as a part of every phase of the marketing and sales process. It gives boost in demand generation, sales and in retaining existing clients. Once you select your new email or marketing automation vendor, the next phase in the process in implementation. The process of execution and refinement is just as important as selecting your new email marketing automation merchant.

Here is 6 steps guide to help you refine your strategy, optimize your campaigns and achieve your targets.

Step 1: Build a Contact Information Base:

The very first step is to make sure that you find out the emails and contact details of your prospect, their name and gender. Additionally, it is very crucial for B2B companies to have information about job title. It is because, every member of decision-making unit has interest to know differenEmail list buildingt types of information. However, always ask information that you actually need as asking too many question may bother prospects.

Gently asking them for more data during the customer journey is normally better. In doing as such, you show them that you can give genuine added value. Progressive forms are a brilliant tool in that regard: you show the information you already have and request extra information. Build custom email lists, export social contacts, and integrate with CRM.

Step 2: Create and Run Campaigns:

Choose what data you are going to send, which target groups to send it to, and in what order. Next, decide on your follow-up actions and how would you react to a client or prospect’s specific action? In doing so, you can describe the course of the procedures you are thinking on automating. The only think you must remember is the creative part. Emails are only used as a tool for making engagement. The real benefit of email marketing automationis that a simple A/B test tells you that what message works best for a certain segment.

Step 3: Personalize your Emails:

For people who are involved in sales business, they surely would know the importance of a customer’s name. It implies to email marketing as well. As per research; “Including your customers name in the subject line of your email can increase engagement of your email by 22 percent.” People tend to open your emails when they see their first name in the subject line. Also, you can improve your email readiness level and click-through rate by further including the recipient’s name in the email content.
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Step 4: Measure Customer Behavior:

Measure the behavior of your recipients in response the email you sent them. Are they reading your message in your newsletter? What pages are they viewing? Are they clicking the link to your website? Measuring such insights will let you build your customer profiles. Also, it will give you valuable insights to what your customer likes and what type of communication they prefer. This will also make your communication even more relevant.

Step 5: Nurture and Engage Leads

Once you have successfully created campaigns based on the harsh target group division in step 2. Marketing automation helps you in successfully refining those campaigns and customizing them to the likings of a particular client or prospect. You can do so with dynamic content: you determine earlier which content is suitable for which section, and your product will order the newsletter accordingly.

Step 6: Analyze Marketing and Sales Performance

Measure which target group is responding positively to a certain sort of promotion over others. Analyze the time when people leave during the marketing and sales cycle, and map the campaigns and promotions that perform best. You can useMarketing Analytics that data to further calibrate follow-up campaigns and to check the necessary budget.

Comparing campaigns is a good idea also. Marketing automation makes you able to make marketing accountable. Also, you need to find which key performance indicators (KPIs) can contribute to the success of your campaigns. Only measure the KPIs you actually plan to focus on and that you plan on using to adjust your future campaigns.

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