The online world is an attention economy. Attention is finite, and therefore scarce. Often, there isn’t much wrong with the site itself–it’s professionally designed and the portfolio is full of very attractive work–but it just sits there in an obscure corner of the Internet being quietly ignored. Which brings us to the point. If you want people to pay attention to you and your website, you need to earn it. Here are some easy and ethical ways to attract more traffic towards your website.

1. Build a Simple and Eye-Catching Web Design:

These two thoughts may appear to be conflicting, yet often the most attractive plans are the simplest. Take Apple, for instance. Their designs are simple, clean, and smooth, yet everybody’s eyes are attracted to them. When your web design is clean and simple, it can give the user a feeling of time and space, and if the design is aesthetically satisfying, the client is actually going to stay on site. Another element of design is ‘mobile friendliness’ as it has become a key factor in search engine ranking and modern marketing.

2. Reduce Page Load Times:

A simple approach to stop a visitor giving up before they’ve even come to your site is to have it load rapidly. There are tools to estimate how rapidly a site loads, and basically they measure this information continuously and from many locations around the globe. It’s important to remember this because even though your site may load rapidly in your home or office, it may not in Europe, China or Australia. Here is a tool by Google to check your site’s load time.

3. Be Empathetic:

Despite the fact that it might sound unreasonable, try to avoid discussions about yourself and your business. Rather, you should be empathetic. Talk about the users on your website and let them know how your business can help make their lives simpler with your item or administration. This must be clear in the features, subtitles, and pictures as well as the (genuine?) website copy.

4. Convert Your Blog Posts into Podcasts:

While there’s an ultimate art and science to podcasting, basically changing over your most significant blog entries into audio format can build engagement by giving choices to busy website visitors. 40% of Americans presently listen to podcasts, and this figure is growing every year.

5. Turn Influencers Into Ambassadors:

The world is really small in the matter of niche marketing. Check out your industry; I am sure there are only a limited amount of people you see every day through your favorite blogs and social media feeds. You see their appearances and you naturally trust the page you see them on.

6. Showcase Convenience:

Make your navigation simple and instinctive so clients can discover exactly what they are searching for within three seconds. For example, put contact data in a simple to discover location, with its own particular tab in the navigation and at the upper right corner of the page. You should always put a second copy of your contact data in the page footer as well.

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