With more than 90% of users checking their email every day, companies are quickly concluding that this is one of the most ideal approaches to reach their target audience. Whether it’s to spread any company news, promote a sale or highlight new products and services, businesses are experiencing great success in their email marketing efforts.

A successful email marketing campaign guarantees customer trust and loyalty, boosts brand recognition and enhances revenue. Using an effective email marketing software in your campaign will help you achieve a greater profit, or ROI, than more traditional marketing campaigns that include print, radio and TV advertising.

To help businesses improve their email marketing campaigns and make sure their efforts are paying off, Makesbridge offers a number of tips.

1. Measure It:

One of the best parts of email marketing is the simplicity by which it can be measured. By taking advantage of tools, you can see who read what and where and who didn’t respond to your campaigns. This will help you to best determine when to build on effective efforts or fix lagging results.

2. Include ‘Opt in’ Link:

Always remember to include your ‘Opt in’ link in all your email documents. From standard email correspondence to your landing page, an ‘Opt in’ link must be very simple to understand and attract potential customers. Remember to include incentives to make ‘Opting in’ profitable to your prospective client.

3. Synchronize and Correct Your Data:

A lot of companies have various sources of consumer information. Verify that your information is up-to-date and is easily available to all channels. A less difficult way to verify is to check if your “other sources” of information matchup with the master source of data.

4. Use Video:

Adding videos to emails enhances the rate of investment and monthly income by 40 percent. Also, click-through rates increment as much as 3 times the average rate (?) when advertisers include a video in an email.

5. Always Have an ‘Opt out’ Option:

Good will is key to the accomplishment of any business. In case someone needs to ‘quit’, take care that the procedure is simple and quick. Make sure that your ‘Opt out’ page is appealing to help clients remember why they were primarily keen on your company. Moreover, take care to always ask why they have chosen to ‘Opt out.’ This will provide you with essential info on the capability of your email marketing campaign and also a few insights about your organization overall.

6. Go Mobile:

Mobile devices offer marketers with an approach to reach more clients wherever and at whatever time they need. Mobile is the biggest factor in the modern marketing. At the same time, this makes creating a strong campaign easier than ever before since the email will frequently be judged with only one glance.

7. Use Templates:

Making use of already given templates is usually the most reliable and easy approach to send email with a branded look and optimize reader response. Check our previous post to learn about email customization.

8. Add Social:

Emails having social-sharing buttons included in their emails have a 158 percent higher click-through rate than emails that don’t. Adding social media to an email strategy can deliver better campaign results.

9. Refine Your Email Campaign Based on Results:

Examine the reporting from your email campaigns. You may recognize that certain content — tips lists or contextual investigations, for instance — continuously get the most clicks. Track your email campaigns metrics and change your content strategy to include more of those communication features. Do charts and bar graphs get a lot of clicks? If they do, then include more visual, research based things in your emails.

10. Send Out a Survey:

By making use of an interesting survey that motivates the reader to take part, you can learn much more about your target market, and it also helps to monitor the viability of your email campaign. Remember to include questions about your products as well as whether they like accepting newsletters, coupons, and other email marketing materials.