What Is Mouseflow?

Ever wish you could spy on your customers as they interact with your website?

Not in a creepy way, of course, just as a way to glean insights on what’s working and what isn’t. Businesses have deployed tactics similar to this for decades: secret shoppers, focus groups, etc. Theoretical concepts about how to run a business – both digitally and within a brick-and-mortar – only get you so far. At a certain point, it’s vital to see what’s actually happening when potential customers interact with your business.

One effective version of this is screen recording software. This kind of software does just what you’d think: lets you see screen recordings of users navigating through your company’s website. Whether they bounce (leave your site) right away or click from page to page before completing a form, you’re able to see where they are clicking, how far they scroll, which elements they engage with, and more.

One such tool – Mouseflow – can be daunting for businesses new to screen recording or web design in general. We created this video to help ease you into the process. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be tweaking and testing your website until it’s a well-oiled, high-performing conversion machine!