Most companies live and breathe their brand. A quality brand campaign can bring a load of benefits, including new customer generation and loyalty. On the other hand, a poorly executed brand can leave a company in shambles.

There are many moving parts to a successful brand, but a company’s brand values are where the rubber meets the road and the company’s true identity is established. Brand values are at the core of all other marketing activities and should serve as a reminder of the company’s true purpose.

In today’s world, kindness is all too often viewed as weakness. Since genuine kindness is a rare occurrence, it’s highly valued by customers and the population at large. If you incorporate kindness into your brand values, your customers will likely recognize and reward your efforts.

Remember that joy and kindness don’t have to be reserved exclusively for the holiday season, so let the following principles of kindness guide your brand all year round.

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Often referred to as the “Golden Rule,” this age-old saying is still very applicable today. For business owners, this largely translates to excellent customer service.

Your brand should offer real value and impact people’s lives in a positive way. Think critically about your customers’ needs and strive to provide a product or service that mirrors your own expectations. In other words, don’t try and sell something you yourself would never buy.

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing and its potential impact on your business. Train your employees to act with integrity at all times and always try to see things through the customer’s eyes. When your staff is able to consistently deliver service that mimics what they would like to receive themselves, your company’s service quality will drastically improve – and both you and your customers will reap the benefits.

Spread the Aloha Spirit

The word “aloha” is most widely recognized as a Hawaiian salutation or greeting, but in Hawaiian culture, it actually means much more than simply “hello” or “goodbye.” Hawaiians view the aloha spirit as a form of compassion and the sharing of positive energy. They also believe it represents a way to solve problems and accomplish goals through acceptance.

Hawaiian culture places a lot of emphasis on love and respect towards others. Accepting the aloha spirit as one of your brand values means your brand strives to welcome everyone, regardless of background, race, religion, status, or attitude. Your customers will be drawn to this environment of acceptance and feel more comfortable coming back time and again.

Of course, embracing the aloha spirit doesn’t happen without a little bit of training and effort. Try hosting a staff meeting or training session on this concept and clearly express the importance of treating all people equally, including difficult and disgruntled customers. Train them on various techniques for handling a diverse customer base and reiterate your policies on a regular basis. Both your customers and your staff will appreciate the effort to be inclusive, and you will likely see the diversity of your customer base grow as the word gets out.

Speak Less and Listen More

The modern world of social media makes it easier than ever for people to speak up. Similarly, social networks provide an excellent opportunity for brands to market their products and services. Because of this, we are quickly losing our ability to listen in the vast wilderness of today’s digital world.

People in general like to talk about themselves – their problems, needs, and wants. This makes us naturally drawn to those who can actively listen. If you establish your brand as one that is here to listen, you will be able to not only attract new clients, but also create loyal customers that can become your brand’s ambassadors.

Emphasize the importance of a listener’s mentality among your staff and you’ll quickly gain an edge on the competition. Listening allows you to be more in-tune with the needs of your customers, adjust your marketing strategies as needed, and better reach your customer base. At the same time, your customers will feel valued and appreciated if their voices are heard. Isn’t that something we all want?

Help for the Sake Of It

Incorporating charitable donations as part of your brand values is yet another way to establish your brand as trustworthy. Your business should consider building charity work into the culture and framework of the organization. For instance, allow your staff days off to perform community service or organize a group volunteer activity in your community.

The feel-good nature of giving time and money to charity is highly contagious and benefits your organization in several ways. Charity work improves staff morale, increases your presence in the community, and generates an overall positive vibe around your company culture.

Giving without expecting anything in return is one of the best things you can do for your company, especially during the holidays. In addition, encouraging your staff to practice kindness outside of the work environment will help them more easily transition their thoughts and actions into a real work situation.

Implementing Kindness Into Your Brand Values

Overall, practicing kindness is an extremely beneficial marketing strategy for your company. Putting kindness at the center of your organization’s core values will ensure your staff act with care and concern at all times. Your customers will be thrilled with the newfound focus on customer service and they’ll show their appreciation by being loyal to your brand and spreading positive conversations about you.

Being kind will not only benefit your business, but it’s also good for the soul. Helping others improves your business and makes you feel good about yourself, too – what more could you ask for this holiday season?