As social-distancing becomes our new temporary normal, businesses are being impacted by recommendations to shift to exclusive online working environments. To make the most of remote working, we’ve highlighted the top 3 benefits shared between customer success portals and partner relationship management portals that will help get your business through this difficult time.

Communication is Key

Updating customers, employees, and partners is of the utmost importance during this time as people are anxious about all the uncertainties currently present in our environment. Use your customer success or partner relationship management portal to let users know what your business is doing in response to the latest news. These portals give you the power to put users at ease by communicating support you will be offering at this time and ensuring users that they still remain a priority to your business. For example, leverage portal notification pop-ups to notify users of any office closures, reduced hours or new temporary processes, etc.

Provide users with support through your content library

Continuing to educate users through your content library is another good way to support and engage with customers, employees, and partners. Consider developing content that will help users navigate business or services through the different ways they may be impacted by the current pandemic we face. This could range from providing a pandemic resource for customers and employees to providing partners with your own tips to keep business going.

Continue on-going collaboration

As we are isolated from others we need to remember that social-distancing is defined by only limiting the number of people we come in contact with. It does not exempt us from speaking to one another, we should encourage users to continue collaborating with others online. Your customer success and partner relationship management portal is a great tool to help you carry on collaboration with customers, employees, and partners. For example, you can use your partner relationship management portal to collaborate on leads and opportunities. When it comes to a customer success portal, leverage the ideas module to maintain collaboration on new ideas to give you important feedback.

We understand how difficult this time is for our community and recognize all the uncertainties the pandemic of COVID-19 has created. Take control of what you can impact in your business with the use of a portal.

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