There are two ways that someone can react when “working remotely” is mentioned. Are you the one who feels a pit in your stomach for the fear of being isolated? Or are you the one who feels like the gates have opened and freedom is upon you?


The reality is that within this fast-paced society, many people find happiness in working remotely as opposed to an office setting. We’re all busy people and do a lot outside of our standard 9-5 jobs. Some of us are raising a family, working on a side-hustle, or using every spare moment of time to travel the world. The option to work remotely has made doing these things possible while balancing our real jobs. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, 67% of companies today allow at least some employees to work at home occasionally, up from 50% in 2008, and 38% allowed some workers to do so on a regular basis, up from 23%.

With all this freedom comes with some challenges. How do we combat the challenges of staying connected while working so far apart? How do we collaborate on projects without meeting face-to-face? And how do we keep track of everything that’s going on when we’re away?

Simple. Use a collaboration solution that allows your workers to securely access information from anywhere in the world, at any point in the day. Here are just a few of the ways that a collaboration solution is the ultimate secret to working remotely.

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Your collaboration platform is the one-stop shop for everything that your employees would need. It’s the central location where all the necessary documentation is to be stored, the main hub of an extensive knowledge base, and the place where everyone’s personal information is kept. A collaboration platform is not only beneficial for those who are not in the office, it also benefits those who are working within an office setting as well. No matter where you are in the world, your employees will be able to access all the files and documents they need through the cloud, so you’re connected at all times of the day!

Remote employees have different communication needs than in-office workers. For example, you can’t hold in-person meetings like you can an office setting, so you need to utilize tools such as Google Hangouts or Skype calls. You also can’t have casual conversations with your co-workers, but the best ideas can happen outside of a strict work environment. There’s always social chatter during the work day: bumping into your coworkers in the hall, or even having side conversations before and after meetings. Unfortunately, you can’t have these casual encounters when you’re working remotely. This makes having the proper technology crucial to staying connected while working remotely. Collaboration platforms ensure that remote workers can connect with other workers socially and don’t become disengaged. When you work remotely, you lose that human interaction you would have in the office, so it’s important to keep your employee engaged through a centralized community.

As we’ve seen above, collaboration platforms are your key to success when coordinating with remote workers. Where else can you centralize your resources, empower your employees, power your communications, and provide support for everyone no matter where they are? Even though you could be a technology guru being on top of the tech-collaboration game, nothing in the world can replace face-to-face communication. We’re not saying that you will eliminate human interaction completely when you’re working remotely, but rather you can use the portal to reinforce your presence virtually. Missed some notes about an important meeting that you weren’t able to attend? No problem – someone will be able to upload them for you. Need access to a document for a client? No problem – you can find it in the portal and access it from wherever you are.


Collaboration solutions are the way of working in the future to build your remote teams. At Magentrix, we offer the Magentrix Social Intranet: a collaboration solution that enables your employees to share, collaborate, and work smarter. You will be able to see an increase in productivity with a complete community solution that you can launch in just days! Check it out to see how it can benefit your remote workers.

Want some more information? This white paper can help you prepare your intranet by teaching you how to set up KPIs and calculate how much it’s going to cost you.