Scaling upIt’s always an exciting time when your team decides to scale up and potentially bring in significant success to both your business and you. By growing teams at the right rate in the right way, businesses are able to scale up excellence. It’s another way of saying that you’re leveling up as a company and that you’re ready for new obstacles and challenges that come your way.

But scaling a team isn’t an easy thing to do. Disrupting a team, especially if they are working well together, can have negative impacts on the team. Derailing them from personal victories could set back your business goals

Here are some challenges that you may face when scaling up your team.

Space Allocation

Matching an office size with the size of your team will always be a challenge for businesses that are growing quickly. If the office is too large, the space feels empty, but if the space is too small, the space feels cramped. Which is why it’s important to optimize the space you’re in with “desk tetris”, meaning being intentional and deliberate in how we organize desk structure. Optimizing the space around you can majorly affect the way you perform in your job. Have open conversations about what is actually needed in your office space to be more productive. For example, external meeting rooms or even areas to sit casually for conversation need to be accounted for. As a virtual alternative, social intranets are great as a centralized location to organize your team no matter where they are. Reduce individual work and instead, work in teams even if you’re far apart!

Cross-organization Communication

As teams expand, it gets more and more difficult to communicate new changes and updates. As you scale up and begin to build out specialized teams, it’s easy for individuals to lose that sense of a cross-team environment. Within a social intranet, you can recreate that sense of a team environment even when everyone isn’t in the same place. You can create different groups within your social intranet to manage individual tasks, and at the same time, you are also able to communicate and collaborate with other people on other teams. An internal social intranet is only accessible to the people inside the company, which makes it secure and reliable when sharing information. Forums are a great feature within social intranets that facilitate communication among other employees. When scaling up, it is crucial to continue getting feedback from your employees to ensure that everyone is satisfied in their positions and won’t become disengaged. Disengagement levels can rise at the same time you’re scaling up, so it’s best to keep these numbers as low as possible.

Resource Control

Scaling at a fast pace also means that there is going to be a ton of information being passed back and forth constantly. Many files and new documents will be created and need to be communicated with others, but it’s easy for these new documents to become a disorganized mess. Scattered files everywhere makes it more difficult to address matters quickly and working becomes inefficient if you spend more of your time searching for the answer instead of figuring out the problem itself. Within a social intranet, you’re able to centralize all your resources and files over a cloud-based connection! This way, your employees can access the information and files they need without having to search through endless pages of emails. With document libraries, you are able to upload company files, documents, forms, and more that your employees can access in one location.

If your organization is starting to scale and you’re concerned about maintaining collaboration among your employees, contact us today! Let us show you how a Magentrix Social Intranet can help you grow.