What if your next big initiative were this close at hand?

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“Anyone got a million dollar idea for our company? We need fresh blood in the waters!”
–JakeCEO @ 3:42pm

With collaboration in the workplace – it can be.

Today, even with the technology to support an innovative and collaborative spirit within a company there are stoppages. Let’s briefly identify the three most common obstructions to this process.

1. No easy way to communicate with decision makers

Yvonne might have your companies big idea percolating but if she doesn’t know who to approach with her idea or fears negative reaction to her speaking up you will have missed out on a real opportunity to improve and innovate within your company.

Why you should care: An information bottleneck or block cuts off ideas and feedback from your most valuable assets – your employees, partners, and customers. With feet on the ground, they are dealing with issues and developing solutions in real time. Connecting them with the right parties to mediate and facilitate their feedback will show them you value their input and also link you to a wealth of unique inspiration and information for your business.

2. Employees aren’t providing these ideas to you – despite a well-established process.

Employee comment box just collecting dust? This is usually the result of lack of engagement or awareness of what’s going on in the company.

Why you should care: Engaged employees exhibit the following four traits according to a survey of a representative 1500 employees in the US conducted by Dale Carnegie.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment
  • Confidence

In fact, the study shows –

“Companies with engaged employees, outperform those without by 202%.”

3. Great idea but it’s not perfect – now what?

Insights and ideas from the field may come to you in all stages of development.

Why you should care: This barrier keeps company ideation small – slightly improving already established processes instead of pursuing high-value changes.

Mukesh Gupta speaks about his research on innovation quoting Dr. Juergen Mueller – often unconventional or innovative ideas encounter a “How/Best Mindset: looking at the implementability of the creative solution, the practicality of these solutions instead of looking at the potential.”

A social intranet combats these info-impediments:

  • Employees are able to give ideas support capital from across the organization – providing helpful insights and feedback & strengthening the idea before it has to go before a “shark tank” or south of the border – “dragon’s den”.
  • Members of your network have access to the social profiles of everyone in the company including the “idea people” or the “problem solvers”.
  • The idea forum opens up the discussion – where individuals can contribute to and engage with each other in meaningful and productive ways.

Here at Magentrix, we use the idea forum as an interactive space for everyone in our network. Employees, customers and partners alike can voice opinions, suggest optimizations, pitch new products, campaigns etc. Our users can upvote ideas and provide feedback in the comment section in real time no matter where they are.

The truth is, our company greatly benefits from the open highway of information. Just ask our customers – they’ve been saying great things about us.