Motivate Channel Partners

As a company that sells through channel partners, it is expected that they work towards increasing corporate sales. But, depending on others to drive revenue can be a difficult task.

Channel partners are relied on and trusted to perform and meet their goals so, doing an effective selling job is essential. The challenges companies face with this kind of sales method is; how can to get channel partners to go above and beyond to meet and exceed their goals? Our answer – MOTIVATE THEM!

Motivation is a key factor in driving the channel sales teams and achieving superior results. With good leadership and motivation, individuals are more likely to perform to their full capabilities. This is exactly what every company wants. Who wouldn’t want a high performing sales team?

Benefits of Motivating Channel Partners

Benefits of motivating channel partners

When thinking about the benefits of motivating channel partners, increase of performance is probably the first, and maybe the only, thing that comes to a person’s mind. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are more benefits to motivating channel partners.

Less turn over

Motivated employees tend to enjoy their job and stay with the company for long periods of time. Motivating channel partners will give a company the ability to grow their channel partners into well-oiled selling machines.

Create a reputable channel sales program

Motivated and well taken care of channel partners will brag about how good their company is. This helps differentiate you from your competitors and in return, eases the recruiting process to attract partners of interest with talent.

Employee development

When a channel partner is motivated, they are not only inspired to meet their goals, but they also become driven and seek further training and education. Providing them with those development resources will play into their growth and success as a channel partner.


Channel partners who are motivated are loyal to the company. When a partner feels as though the work they’re doing is valued, they are far more like to remain a fan of the company.

Tips to motivating channel partners

Tips to motivating channel partners

Coupled with why companies should spend more time motivating their employees, is how employees should be motivated. Here are a few ideas:

Engage with tools and resources

All employees need tools and resources to complete their job. But, to be successful in their job, the tools and resources should be engaging and inspirational. Use company internal content to resonate with channel partners, so that they can be inspired to drive more sales. Channel partner marketing is just as important when attracting channel partners as it is retaining them.

Set realistic targets

A part of motivating channel partners is managing and setting realistic sales goals. When channel partners are given attainable targets, they are more likely to succeed. Lowering expectations will not only decrease stress on the sales team, but with the right motivation, it will push them to reach for goals higher than what is set. The reversal of aiming for less, will demonstrate to channel partners that they can meet their goals and this feeling of success will give them the drive to reach for more.

Praise channel partners

When a channel partner or a channels sales team meets a quota, praise them! Not just when a quota is met, but anytime a goal is achieved or simply because you see a team member who is having a good, productive day. Praising channel partners will make them feel appreciated and valued. It’s a feeling that everyone desires. By simply praising and encouraging channel partners, the company will see a boost in results. We all crave for recognition, implementing an award program will also help with this.

Incentivise channel partners to increase channel sales

Sometimes it may take a little incentive to motivate channel partners to sell to their full capabilities. An incentive can be something as simple as a friendly competition amongst team members. i.e. top channel sales partner for the month of June will win a $100 pre-paid credit card.

Provide channel partners with support and build a relationship

A well-managed channel partner will bring the company success. Sales teams need to feel like they have support. Channel managers and or leaders, need to be available to build a relationship with their channel teams and provide the proper support needed. Creating a relationship with channel partners can be of great benefit, be a friend, and you can reap the benefits of that friendship.

Seek help when needed

Not every company or channel manager has the time or resources to implement processes to motivate channel partners. Motivation can bring your company the sales support it needs. Think about hiring an internal employee success manager, or implementing an automation tool that can help inspire, motivate, and guide channel partners to success.

Partner relationship management (PRM) portals are an asset to companies that work with channel partners. A PRM portal will not only automate all efforts of your channel marketing, but it will also provide channel partners with the support they need to keep up the motivational momentum.