So you have a CRM system in place to gather customer-centric data related to satisfaction, engagement, and experience metrics. It’s working great and you have all the information you want and need, but like any growing business, you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors and provide the best possible experience for your customers.

Then you discover the wonders of implementing a cloud-based customer portal into your system. With a customized CRM-integrated customer portal, you have the ability to centralize all of your customer data in a single place without dealing with complicated software scattered everywhere. There are many benefits to implementing a customer portal including helping your employees manage prospects, and provide a place for customers to access support and resources on demand.

It shouldn’t be too hard to build your customer portal through your own development team, right?

Wait – you might need to think twice before getting your developers to build something consisting of so many moving parts. Although the idea of building a portal in-house may seem to be the easiest option, there are many expenses to consider which are difficult to project at an early stage. For example, how quickly the portal is able to be deployed, testing time required, scalability for adding new customers, and adding more features without significant down time of the system.

After all these variables are taken into consideration, maybe it isn’t such a great idea to develop your customer portal in-house while your team is balancing other important tasks.

Fear not, there is another option. Third party portal vendors offer organizations the option to use and configure a pre-built customer portal solution! In our newest white paper, we provide a guideline to help you select the right customer portal solution. By comparing in-house and third party SaaS products, we examine different options and requirements you need to consider when deciding which customer portal solution you should implement.

To find out more about various customer portal options, download our white paper!