The news of Covid-19 created a rippling effect through the business world. We’re all busy creating contingency plans for what may come next but the truth is, the virus is quickly evolving and creating uncertainty of what’s going to happen next and when things will return to normal. So, what can we do now as we wait for the virus to blow over? How can we prepare for a contingency plan?

For businesses that work with partner programs, seeing a flat deal pipeline can be discouraging to a partner. It is important for partners to know that slower deals have nothing to do with their personal skill sets or performance but rather, the market and economy. Encourage partners to use this time to enhance their skills, self-educate and increase confidence so that they’re to get back into their business routine once the pandemic is over.

We’ve put together three ways you can use the training module in your partner portal to supercharge and motivate your partners during this trying time.

Enhance partner skills during the down time

The media is encouraging people to stay active through daily exercise. Your business can encourage partners to stay focused through exercising their mind on a daily basis. Invest some time in curating new training resources and encouraging partners to part take. This will ensure that your partners stay sharp on all the skills they need to jump right back into things post-pandemic. Training via a partner portal gives partners the flexibility of on-demand and mobile-friendly interactive courses that can be taken from the comfort of their home at any time. Providing more knowledge to partners also gives them a higher sense of confidence which can be very valuable to one’s state of mind, especially during this pandemic.

Add fun to online training and put partners’ knowledge to the test

Get creative and leverage quizzes and tests on your partner portal’s training module to spark friendly competition among partners. For example, you can create a set of quizzes for specific training courses and encourage partners to part-take in friendly competition by awarding a small prize and bragging rights to the top performers who score the highest on the quizzes. As a double motive, partners will also be putting their knowledge to the test and learning something new. The excitement of competition can also grow as partners are awarded digital badges of honor.

Identify growth opportunities with partners

Use the down-time as an opportunity to virtually connect with partners and dive into their growth plan. Identify their strong skills and skill gaps. Provide support for partners and help them enhance their skills by recommending a set of training resources offered on the partner portal that will help them reach their goals. Monitoring and tracking their training efforts via the training module reporting tool will also give you insight into how a partner’s knowledge is growing and progressing through the training programs. This will help ensure that partners are staying on track, motivated and in a position to meet their goals.

Utilizing the training module on your partner portal will help get your partners through this pandemic by gaining and enhancing their skills. The pandemic will pass, and when it does your partners will be ready to return to business with a little more knowledge, a little more confidence and a lot more motivation than before.