People sitting at table discussing the 3 obstacles they need to overcome for effective channel partner managementIf there’s one thing we’ve all heard when it comes to relationships, it’s that relationships are hard work. This expression can be applied to managing channel partners.

In general, managing relationships are hard when they’re long distance. Especially if you are working towards the goal of driving growth and increasing opportunities for your business.

It’s important to note that there are other conditions that make it difficult to establish and maintain a positive relationship, as well as, provide and receive real-time updates about leads and closed deals.

The good news is that we have you covered. Below you’ll discover how to avoid these 3 obstacles.

Obstacle #1: Creating and maintaining an engaging partner relationship to increase efficiency

Channel managers standing discussing how to create and maintain an engage partner relationshipWhat is motivating your channel partners to sell? If you are not continuously maintaining a good relationship with your partners, they may become demotivated to sell for you, resulting in a lack of efficiency.

Onboarding is a critical step in the channel partner relationship. This initial phase is about first impressions. A Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system that has a simple and easy to use onboarding process will provide partners with the right training tools that will create a positive sentiment from the start. Continue to maintain this relationship by ensuring important information is constantly updated.

To avoid starting your partner relationship off on the wrong foot, provide your channel partners with a simple and efficient onboarding process. This can include:

  • A self service profile that partners complete
  • An automated contract signing with integrated e-signature app
  • Introductory videos, documents and marketing collateral

Obstacle #2: Lack of communication with partners

Business man communicating with channel partners across the globeCommunication is a challenge that people face all over the world. It can be especially frustrating when your partners are located internationally. Imagine trying to communicate with your partner through email to see where they are in the sales process. Maybe they’re trying to close a deal, but the absence of communication is causing them to be delayed in the sales process.

Can you imagine how frustrating this could be? Fortunately, a PRM portal helps close the communication gap by providing partners a central network that can be accessed 24/7. Partners will have be opportunity to use every piece of collateral needed to close leads, register opportunities, request MDF, share ideas, collaborate, and more.

Obstacle #3: Lack of Accessibility

Channel managers discussing how to improve accessibility with channel partnersHow would you feel if your partner lost an opportunity due to a lack of accessibility to information?

A self-service portal can break through partner’s accessibility barriers. Partners will have real time access to relevant content such as documents, files, articles or data records.

Additionally, the portal is mobile-optimized, so Channel Partners will have the ability to close deals when they want.

What’s Next

Partner relationship management (PRM) portals are advantageous to businesses that have channel partners. A PRM portal makes it easier for your business to drive growth and increase opportunities. Give your business an advantage and research the best PRM portals for you.

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