The switch to EMV technology is a big change for credit card processing, especially for merchants who have to start using new equipment, and teach their employees and customers how to use it. To make the switch easier, follow these tips for training employees in how to use EMV credit card terminals.

Teach Employees to Recognize EMV Chips

Over the last few years, more and more consumers have had their old magnetic stripe-only credit cards replaced by cards that have both a magnetic stripe and an EMV chip. The first step for any merchant preparing its employees for EMV cards is to teach them to recognize EMV chips on cards as quickly as possible. This isn’t just a matter of convenience or using the latest technology – with the switch to EMV cards, credit card issuers no longer accept liability for fraudulent charges.

Instead, the liability for fraudulent charges made with an EMV chip-equipped credit card that is swiped through an old fashioned swipe card reader rests with the credit card vendor―i.e., the merchant’s processor/acquirer―and if the credit card vendor does ever have to pay for fraudulent charges, they can then pass the expense onto the merchant.

Teaching employees to recognize EMV cards quickly, and how to direct customers to use the EMV function, helps protect businesses from being hit by these potentially huge fees.

Encourage Friendly Customer Interactions

As with any new technology, the transition to EMV cards won’t be without its headaches. Whether it’s readers not working correctly or customers getting confused about how the new process works, the best way to work through these problems is to teach employees to courteously interact with customers, answering questions whenever they can and offering help whenever possible. Employees should be shown not just how to operate EMV credit card readers, but also how to politely show any confused customers how to use them.

Tap or Insert?

Another issue with EMV cards is that different readers use different methods for reading them. Some EMV card readers require the user to insert their card into a slot at the base of the keypad, while others are activated when the user taps the chip against the reader. This can be another source of confusion, for both employees and customers. Make sure that employees are aware of how the machines they will be using operate, and that they know how to inform customers.

Appoint Reliable Employees to be Transition Leaders

Training every employee on the ins and outs can be very time consuming, especially for small management staffs. In order to speed up the process, and to make sure that things run smoothly on the floor, consider appointing employees who you trust, and who display easy understanding of how EMV technology works to help, having them instruct other employees and monitor them on the floor. This will help speed up the training process and make sure there are employees available who can help if there are any problems.

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