In comparing effective appointment setting to online dating platforms, it is easy to draw some parallels with regard to the precise matching of the right people.

I often write about business being built on successful relationships. If you will permit me to use a recent testimonial we received from a satisfied client:

“The quality of the appointments they arranged for us was high and enabled us to have the right C-level conversations that have led to new opportunities.”

To me, this message illustrates that successful appointment setting isn’t just about getting you in front of people; it is about getting you in front of the right people.

There are a number of ways you can ensure you are connecting with the right people.

Goal: Starting the Conversation

The objective of effective appointment setting and online dating platforms are much the same; to get you a conversation with the right person.

In sales, you target individuals that you believe fit the characteristics of your typical buyers for a solution. In online dating, you look to connect with people that have qualities that make for a good potential partner.

In both scenarios, the first step leads to a conversation.

Appointment setting doesn’t always produce immediate sales, and online dating rarely jumps from initial match to marriage overnight. However, when performed effectively, both types of matching result in opportunities that offer a high potential for success.

Prospects with Similar Needs

Appointment setting and online dating also both involve efforts to connect with people that have a mutual interest in the relationship.

In selling, the prospects you target for meetings typically have a need or problem that you believe your company can satisfy. In online dating, other members of the service you use have a similar need or desire to find a potential partner or to start a relationship.

I appreciate it sounds a tad unusual, however, the more you think about your counterpart in these situations, the easier it is to prepare the right questions and right messages. With selling, in particular, asking involving questions helps you uncover the deep needs and pain points of buyers.

Over time, you become familiar with common dilemmas, which enhances your success in landing meetings and converting sales.

Data is a Key Driver

I doubt that people who use online dating services even consider the advanced data and analytics used to connect them with optimal matches. Dating services only last when they have relative success in connecting people with relationships that consistently become fruitful. Consistent misfires are frustrating.

In marketing and selling, analytics are used to identify the characteristics and behaviours that form your ideal customers for specific solutions.

Analytics are constantly used to fine-tune your buyer personas such that the efficiency of successful matches, and therefore your sales performance, grows.

Accurate matching in B2B selling and online dating isn’t just about finding the “right” matches; it is about eliminating wasted time spent with the wrong ones.


The types of relationships you seek in B2B selling are very different from those pursued via online dating services. However, the parallels identified help you understand that effective appointment setting techniques often apply in both arenas.

Internal Results doesn’t offer you personal dating services, but we do offer expertise and experience in targeted appointment setting. Plus, we only charge you when meetings result.