There is a big difference between a typical business partner and one that assumes the same level of accountability for your company’s success as you do.

In this case, an accountable lead generation partner operates as a virtual extension of your sales organisation. This is a critical role for any organisation as it is the first point of contact for many of your future customers.

Your salespeople need to be able to see the world as your customers do and also must be able to provide invaluable feedback for the rest of your organisation about what your customers are thinking.

In the same vein, any partner you engage with must also be able to provide these qualities and characteristics.

The following is a thorough overview of the value that you should be looking for in a reputable and accountable lead generation partner.

Are Your Goals Shared?

A dedicated partner demonstrates commitment by aligning its vision and goals with your own. During initial interactions, the focus should be on identifying your monthly, quarterly or annual lead generation objectives.

Awareness of your goals allows a partner to help you focus on your desired lead generation return on investment. In essence, the client’s goals become the internal goals of the brand partner, and a focus for all employees.

Is There An Emphasis On Innovation?

An accountable partner realises the need to consistently innovate their solutions to match with the changing needs of B2B clients. This point is especially true with providers that primarily partner with firms in technology sectors.

Leveraging intent data is one of the cutting-edge strategies a lead generation partner uses to arm you with the deepest, broadest insights on target accounts.

Knowing more about the interests and behaviours of prospects will allow your company connect with the highest-quality buyers that have a genuine interest in your solutions.

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Is There A Collaborative Approach?

“Collaboration” is a key word to an accountable partner. In addition to sharing goals, an accountable lead generation partner wants to work closely with client leadership to optimise the alignment of processes and activities.

For Internal Results, optimised partnership alignment often means outlining the process and timing for handing off high-quality prospects to your sales teams after appointments are set. With our inside sales support solution, planning could also involve defining the respective roles both firms take in managing the entire selling process efficiently.

Also, having frequent and frank feedback in relation to how your messaging resonates with your target audience is critical in ensuring you are delivering the right messages to your prospects.

Wins When You Win

A sincere, accountable partner believes it only wins when you win, not when you sign a cheque for services. A lot of companies assume their accountability rests in delivering the actions or steps promised in the partnership agreement or contract for services.

Internal Results prefers to take a long-term perspective. We only succeed when you succeed. After all, partners in anything win together and lose together.

Our success is driven by consistently giving our clients experiences they want and deserve, so they remain long term clients.

Wrap Up

You shouldn’t have to hold the hand or scold a provider for not working diligently toward a shared vision.

An accountable lead generation partner has the same goals and commitment to your success in lead generation as you do.

Internal Results has proven itself as a trusted partner and advisor to many satisfied clients. We’d love to listen to your story to learn whether we can become one for you.
Contact us now to find out how.