If you aren’t using LinkedIn for lead generation, you are losing the game of prospecting efficiency to competitors. This particular social medium is a goldmine for connecting and engaging with targeted buyers in many industries.

There have been countless posts, articles and infographics published to help you get the most from your LinkedIn profile. Here are several tips on effectively leveraging the features of LinkedIn to enhance your B2B lead generation if you are starting out in sales.

Search for Prospects

One of the simplest, but most effective, ways to generate leads on LinkedIn is through the search features. The basic search bar allows you to target people with keywords such as a city name combined with a job title. This approach alone typically drives pages of results in the area specified.

However, advanced search enables you to execute more precise B2B lead generation by applying such as filters as location, industry and company size.

Interact and Discuss

A main reason companies include LinkedIn in their B2B lead generation strategies is that it blows other tools away in driving leads. One of the main differentiators is the ability to connect and engage with people through groups and in-depth discussions. You don’t want to pitch a new contact too quickly, as that only alienates and off-puts contacts. Instead, build rapport and project expertise.

LinkedIn has groups and discussion forums that allow you to strengthen connections before you approach a prospect. You can start and join groups centered on particular industries and topics. As you interact and identify people with problems your company solves, make your move for a call or meeting.

Create and Use Content

Whereas many social tools center on brief messages and exchanges, LinkedIn allows you to post exclusive long-form content and share links to your site content. Companies that succeed on B2B lead generation through LinkedIn typically set up a content calendar and post interesting, unique content through the business pages.

Linking your content to your company home page drives interested readers for more information, and propels them farther into the buying journey. Comments on your LinkedIn posts also provide an opportunity for direct engagement and discussion on topics of interest to your prospect market.

In creating a content calendar, consider the value of not only sharing blog links on LinkedIn, but also in posting original content to strengthen B2B lead generation.

Attract Unsolicited Leads

To optimise your B2B lead generation efficiency, create business and representative profile pages that clearly articulate the value of your company’s solutions. Many buyers scour LinkedIn looking for providers of solutions that resolve critical business problems.

For a modest fee, you can get advanced features that allow you to see who has viewed your personal or profile page. This recognition sets the stage for a strong follow-up contact.

This is a great Infographic from the good folks at LinkHumans on the best steps to take to improve your LinkedIn profile.

10-Tips-for-the-Perfect-LinkedIn-Profile -LinkHumans


To leverage LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, you need to focus your effort and recognise what sets this tool apart from other social media networks. Search functionality, engagement opportunities, content dissemination and unsolicited leads are all strengths. Use them, but remember, just because you are behind a screen you should always remain professional.