One of the reasons companies settle for low-quality leads is because they don’t think they can affordably improve lead generation.

OK, that sounds a tad unfair. No-one settles for low-quality leads, so let me qualify that. We all work to the best of our abilities with the best of what we have at our disposal.

It’s just that some leads are better than others, right?

What if I told you that there are fairly simple ways for you to source high-quality leads while saving money?

After all, you don’t want your salespeople spending a lot of time on cold calling potential clients. Your sales people are there to make sales. They should be meeting prospects that are interested in your specific products and solutions.

If you can generate high-quality leads for your sales teams, those leads will convert into revenue generating accounts much faster.

The following are the good lead generation approaches to get the leads you want at reasonable costs.

Eliminate Wasteful Methods

Your first priority is to identify the lead generation methods that convert well and those that don’t. Traditional cold calling, for instance, is rarely cost-efficient for a sales organisation.

Sales reps normally don’t enjoy the process, and they don’t execute calls as effectively as they could. [Read “4 Things You Should Never Say When Cold Calling” and “Why You Need To Connect With Top Decision Makers“]

At a minimum, practice methods that allow you to access information that turns a cold call into a warm one.

Content marketing, emails and direct mail are other common approaches to contacting leads. By collecting data on your lead generation system, it is possible to home in on the tactics that efficiently produce results.

Simplify Your Landing Pages

The majority of B2B buyers start with their own online investigation. Therefore, providers are developing content marketing strategies that align with the buyer journey and include external and on-site content placements.

The goal is to educate prospects on the solutions for their problems and then drive them to your website for conversion.

Poorly designed landing pages and complex forms are among common on-site obstacles that negate a higher conversion ratio. Your page should concisely and emphatically outline the benefits your solution provides for a particular problem.

Your call-to-action should drive a response that is simple for the reader to initiate. Avoid multi-step forms. Only ask for the information, such as name and contact details, that you need.

Imagine the impact on your leads if you converted even 1 or 2 percent more of your visitors because of a simpler response process.

Work With A Lead Generation Specialist

It sounds counterintuitive to some, but hiring an outside specialist to conduct lead generation is often the most financially-savvy move. Your reps usually prefer lead nurturing and conversions, so lead generation doesn’t get the time and energy it needs.

If your teams are chasing prospects that are not currently a good fit for your business, it is costing you money.

In contrast, Internal Results is a speciality firm that offers lead generation services. We have a team of experts dedicated to appointment setting. What makes this strategy affordable is that we only charge you for appointments that are arranged and approved by you. You don’t pay for unsuccessful contacts.

Beyond the cost structure, landing the best leads for your team to nurture leads to more efficient sales processes. You avoid the clumsy, unproductive and wasted time spent with low-quality prospects that have little to no natural inclination for your solution.



It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to land high-quality leads. You not only gain great prospects but you eliminate wasteful activities by applying these lead generation techniques.

And when you apply the maths, it offers an excellent return on your investment.

Talk to us today to get the high-quality appointments you want from your lead generation activities.