Most of the promotional messages disseminated about a company or brand are directly developed by that company. Nothing is wrong with implementing your own strategies.

However, it is also important to recognise the value that third-party publications can provide within your content marketing efforts.

The following are a few primary advantages of integrating favourable third-party analyst reports and other industry publications into your promotional strategy.

Enhances Credibility

When a candidate interviews for a job, he is asked to sell his strengths and abilities to the employer. Regardless of how effectively he does so, many employers conduct reference checks as a standard component of the hiring process. This check with a third-party source adds credibility to messages delivered straight from the source — the candidate.

In much the same way, third-party reports or publications enhance the credibility of messages your company delivers through its own promotions.

If someone besides you speaks positively about your brand, it is more likely the market will buy into the message. This point is especially true if you are a new brand, and a well-established publication is a source.

Reinforces Your Brand Claims

Not only do you gain credibility, but a third-party report can validate your solution and strengthen your brand claims.

If you refer to your solution as “the most durable on the market,” for instance, a third-party report with statistical evidence to back up that claim does a lot to improve the credibility of your claim to the market.

Buyers often want to see quantified benefits or evidence that backs up general claims. Graphs, charts and other quantified elements in a third-party report are among the best proof devices for a business.

Extends Your Reach

Companies and publications have access to different segments of your audience.

You can pay or invest resources in promoting your message in as many media as you like to achieve demand generation objectives. However, limited budgets and a desire for high return on investment inhibit full-scale efforts.

Third-party analysts and publications have their own audiences. You gain the benefits of the message without the investment of resources.

If your company or product is specifically cited within the report, the job is mostly done. If the report is more industry-specific, you can leverage its findings by pointing out how it supports the benefits of your solution.

Social media conversations are another way to extend your reach through third-party influence.

Most major publications share their content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. You can re-share these items with your audience and add your “two cents” to the findings.

A favourable third-party report can connect you with an audience of readers that otherwise wouldn’t hear about your brand.


It is always helpful to have others speaking positively about your company and solutions. With regard to demand generation, third-party reports and publications enhance your credibility and appeal to a broader market.

Leverage positive third-party publications as much as possible. Over time, you will benefit from it.