When it comes to getting the best B2B leads, quality always trumps quantity in lead generation. The higher the quality of the leads you drive, the more efficiently your sales team can convert them into satisfied customers.

The challenge for most companies is that not all sales & marketing campaigns deliver the type of high-quality leads that we want.

So how can you improve the quality of your B2B leads? Start with these 4 steps.

Target the Right Prospects

It may sound simple, but a lot of companies make the central mistake of targeting the wrong prospects. Before you ever build promotional messages or content, know the precise buyer persona you want to reach.

Account analysis is a strong strategy for identifying top potential targets. Analyse the characteristics and behaviours of your top current clients.

Then, based upon the information you glean, develop a profile of your top customer so that your marketing team knows how to craft message strategies that create the strongest impact.

Get Your Content to the Right People

Do you spend a lot of time developing whitepapers and other long-form content to promote your business and solutions? Doing so is typically a good move, but you also have to get the information into the right hands.

Some sales organisations make the mistake of simply creating and then posting content on their sites.

In fact, content syndication is one of the most effective ways to expand your reach with targeted buyer personas.

Obtain Permission

It is a huge waste of time to call on people and dive right into selling. The best first approach is to get permission from a target before you engage him with solution information.

Start with the very basics – a call with an introduction that includes gauging a prospect’s interest, confirming the accuracy of his contact information and gaining acceptance to share your content.

This permission step helps you filter out buyers that have no sense of urgency for your solution, and you can add them to your lead nurturing process.

Monitor Intent Data

The deeper you can dig into a prospect profile, the more precisely you can target the right individuals.

Intent data has become hugely advantageous in helping firms get the best B2B leads with their lead generation programs. This type of data gets more into specific actions or activities of targeted accounts. (Talk to us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help with this.)

In particular, you want to identify buyers that have searched for information related to the topic or solution your company sells.

This intent speaks volumes about a buyer’s interest, motive and need.

Aligning your B2B lead generation with these intent-driven profiles dramatically improves conversion efficiency, simply because you are now engaging with prospects that have a genuine interest in your products & solutions.

Wrap Up

To quote Rear Admiral Grace Hopper: The most dangerous phrase in any language is “we’ve always done it that way.”

Companies that excel in their industries at B2B lead generation don’t do what has always been done.

Instead, they look for opportunities to fine-tune efforts that enable more precise targeting. Then, content is developed and messages delivered to these precise accounts.

To learn more about how Internal Results can execute all of these vital components into a lead generation program for your business, get in touch with us.