A productive B2B lead generation strategy is the launch point for an efficient and profitable selling system. The challenge is to drive a sufficient supply of quality prospects in as little time as possible.

We’ve all heard the term “throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks”. However, it never fails to surprise me when companies take this approach with their lead generation strategy. Very often, without really knowing that they are doing it.

Avoiding less effective strategies is as important as selecting the right ones. Here are four simple tips for developing a more productive B2B lead generation system.

Know Who You Want to Reach

Much of the waste in an inefficient lead generation system comes from investing time in the wrong people. Too often, companies focus on a high volume of prospects rather than precisely targeting their ideal customers.

Finding customers that sit in your sweet spot is the want of every sales and marketing person. Acquiring accurate data and using analytics assists in identifying patterns of behaviour that will, in turn, help you understand where your buyers are in their buying journey and what their requirements are.

It can be a time-consuming practice, however, it is time well spent as it will lead to producing accurate information on your more profitable buyers.

When you go after buyers with the traits and behaviours that match your top customers, you have a better chance of getting appointments and landing sales. Also, you eliminate time-consuming prospecting calls with people who simply don’t have the problems that your solution benefits the most.

Use Methods That Work

Another time-waster is using lead generation tactics that aren’t efficient. If you send out a lot of emails as part of your initial communication but aren’t getting decent appointments, quit sending out large volume emails as a routine approach. Tailor your message to focus on a specific industry and buyer type.

Also, if you find that phone calls generate appointments more consistently, make this method a priority.

The marketers of you out there will be familiar with the concept of A/B testing – trialling different methods and continually tweaking them to generate the best results. Your sales efforts should take a similar approach.

The optimal alignment occurs when you target the right types of buyers with the right product message via a method that they prefer.

Content marketing, syndication and social selling are efficient and popular platforms for many B2B providers, and if used in the correct manner, can be a valuable source of worthwhile leads. You can read the article “How to Generate Better Leads With Social Selling” for tips about how you should be using social selling for lead generation.

Use the Right Tools

As we’ve spoken about here before, not all lead generation tools are created equal. You need technology that fits with your strategy. As you perform your research, consider how a program fits with your efforts of qualifying and communicating with buyers.

Some programs are well designed to reach targeted buyers and convert appointments through inbound and outbound strategies. Spend time deciding on what is best suited for both your audience and your company.

Once that is complete, you need to continuously test these methods to hone both your message and your delivery methods.

Add Lead Generation Expertise

More and more, B2B providers are turning to specialists to accelerate a more productive and cost-effective lead generation campaign. Understanding the benefits of taking this route is becoming progressively apparent to many organisations.

A willingness to work with experts during this stage of the selling cycle frees your sales team to focus on what matters most – closing deals.

By investigating companies that work in this space, you can pick a firm that already has effective methodologies in place. Here at Internal Results, we have a very successful and a well-established appointment setting program, whereby you only pay for leads when a meeting is created and accepted by your team.

Consider the broader benefits to your selling cycle of enabling reps to focus on converting targeted buyers into high-value customers.


Eliminating wasted time and effort is key to improving B2B lead generation productivity. Go after the right people with effective prospecting methods, remembering to test the different techniques you are using. Use capable tools, or find out more about hiring a specialty firm to implement a productive lead generation program for your business.