In the competitive information age, bespoke data that suits the particular needs of a business is a huge advantage to lead generation.

Smarketers know that each and every campaign we run is hugely successful and generates a plethora of quality leads that quickly convert to sales.

But back in the real world, sales and marketing teams often take the spaghetti approach when it comes to campaigns – throw it against the wall and hope it sticks.

But what if you could take a more clinical approach and target those people and accounts that are most suited to your business? Those that are showing an interest in your products & solutions?

This is possible with a bespoke data build and integrating it with content syndication or inside sales services.

The following is a look at several of the most important benefits gained by a company that utilises bespoke data building.

Match Your Target

A basic problem with a one-size-fits-all database is that it treats all contacts or targets as the same. With bespoke data building, you can match the structure of your contact profiles and the data that you collect, to the persona you want to reach.

Perhaps your company needs more details related to a prospect’s geographic region, their level within the organisation, or their activity patterns and behaviours.

Bespoke data allows you to integrate more of these details into your campaign targeting.

Analyse and Fine-Tune Target

In some cases, diverse data analysis allows you to realise the need to change or fine-tune your target market. Better precision in lead generation improves your communication efficiency and conversion rates.

Job title, function, level, industry and number of employees are just some of the bespoke data points that Internal Results can offer its data acquisition clients. In B2B sectors, such powerful insights into lead generation enhance your ability to better identify, and then qualify your sales leads.

Opportunities for Data Enhancement

A customised data build means you have greater control and oversight over the database structure and data points. Therefore, it is more likely that you can effectively manage data enhancement.

Data enhancement includes keeping your data clean, accurate and current. With a customised structure, you can identify contacts that are no longer valid. Doing so guards against wasted time trying to connect with people that aren’t accessible or that don’t match your current target market.

Eliminate Unnecessary Data

The greater the volume of data you collect, the more cumbersome it is to manage and maintain your database. Companies that use a generic database accept that there are numerous entry fields that go unused.

With a bespoke data build, only the data that you find valuable is integrated into your contact profiles. Filtering out unnecessary data points aids in data enhancement and helps you hone in on high-value data as you target qualified sales leads.

Wrap Up

To create greater awareness of your target market, or even to fine-tune it, bespoke data building is a huge advantage.

When you customise your database and develop the structure, it is also easier to manage data enhancement. Emphasise the data points that matter and eliminate or suppress those that aren’t a match for your needs.

Don’t let the notion of managing a bespoke data build scare you, though. Internal Results offers expertise with its data acquisition solution. We partner with you to develop a database that fits your goals, plus we can help target specific personas within a target market to ensure your sales & marketing content is reaching the right people.

Find, and focus on, the prospects that matter.