Generating sales from a large portion of the people you meet has a tremendous impact on your revenue and profit. Regardless of your current conversion rate, there are improvements that you can apply across the selling cycle to optimise efficiency.

The following are several tips to help you optimise your conversion rates.

Craft Targeted Buyer Personas

To get people to buy your products and services, you need to target people with a genuine need. In some cases, there are multiple buyer types for your solutions, but their needs and motives vary.

Generate one or more detailed buyer personas for each of your solutions. Knowing who to target from the beginning reduces the potential for wasted time as you focus on appointment setting. After you know the target, start making those calls!

Engage in In-Depth Need Discovery

Even with detailed buyer personas, the specific needs of individual buyers vary. When your sales reps meet with prospects for the first time, it is imperative to start with a thorough need discovery process.

During need discovery, reps should ask open-ended questions that invite the prospect to describe the full scope of his problem, including the people, processes, activities and resources involved. Include questions about the impact the problem has on revenue generation or cost-effectiveness.

It is beneficial to identify a sense of urgency as well to determine how swift a decision is required. The more you know about your buyer, the better you can ensure you can provide value by having the right solution for their needs. [Read: 3 Tips That Will Improve Your Sales Discovery Process]

Sell Value Through Differentiation

When you have focused on appointment setting with the right buyers, and implemented effective discovery, the stage is set for value articulation. During the sales presentation, your rep needs to communicate the primary solution benefits that fit the distinct needs of the prospect. If a prospect needs an urgent resolution, for instance, emphasise your company’s ability to deliver quickly and with assurances.

Improve the odds of a sale when you differentiate your solution from others. Doing so eliminates the price orientation of most buyers.

Demonstrate With Proof Devices

Even somewhat desperate buyers can hesitate without visible proof that your solution meets their needs. Proof typically comes in the form of a product demonstration or some other format where you show the ability of your solution to resolve the issue.

When applicable, incorporate case studies, client testimonials, third-party publications and other supporting materials into your presentation.


By focusing on best practices and optimised performance throughout the selling cycle, your team can consistently improve conversion rates. However, appointment setting is often the make or break step that influences efficiency.

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