Lead generation strategies span the full spectrum of B2B. However, some sectors tend to work well or achieve stronger results than others.

Technology providers, for instance, can achieve powerful results with certain prospecting methods. The following are several traits of effective lead generation if you are in the B2B tech space.

Detailed Personas and Journey Alignment

The development of buyer personas and alignment of sales and marketing with the buyer journey are useful in all B2B sectors. However, these traits are especially integral in effective tech lead generation.

Technology leaders need a solid understanding of the investigative journey industry buyers choose when arriving at a purchase decision. Through data acquisition and analytics, it is possible to build a detailed profile of your typical buyers for a given solution.

The deeper your understanding of the characteristics and behaviours of buyers, the greater your ability to market toward resolving their problems with your own solutions.

The journey for B2B tech buyers is usually longer and more deliberate than the journey in other sectors. The process begins with online information-gathering.

Your content marketing and social selling strategies need to succeed at getting your brand in front of prospects at this initial phase. As buyers move further along, they begin evaluating specific solutions, which should take them to your website and product landing pages.

Eventually, they want to see information and evidence that a solution most effectively resolves the central problem.

Intelligent Content

Intelligent content includes content marketing formats that educate and demonstrate thought leadership, and they typically go into more depth than a conventional blog post. Whitepapers are a common form of educational content, but long-form case studies fit this definition as well.

Whitepapers include deep explanations of common problems people face and the capabilities of certain innovations in resolving them. This format is well-suited for B2B tech lead generation because technological innovations inherently require successful providers to establish awareness and credibility.

Projecting authority and a lack of bias are keys to attracting attention with this content marketing strategy.

Live Events

Even though digital and content marketing strategies are often necessary to connect with B2B buyers, live events remain a powerful lead generation technique. In particular, tech providers achieve excellent results with seminars and webinars.

Seminars are face-to-face gatherings where you can educate prospects on the capabilities of your solutions, and demonstrate performance. For companies that want to reach a broader geographical audience, webinars offer expanded reach.

With a webinar, you can share information and demonstrate your products for people watching on their computers or mobile devices.

Wrap Up

Buyers of B2B tech solutions engage in a more sophisticated process than buyers in other B2B sectors. In order to have an effective lead generation campaign, your strategies need to align with the buyer journey and include intelligent content and live events.

People like to learn, so educate your prospects on resolutions, and then demonstrate the capabilities of your tech solutions.

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