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Internal Results is a leading provider of performance based B2B lead generation solutions for Technology companies across Europe, USA, Canada, and APAC regions. We have helped over 900 B2B companies develop a quality pipeline for their sales & marketing operation. Internal Results is a Madison Logic company.

4 Benefits of Using eBooks In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you using eBooks as part of your content marketing strategy? Although actual lengths vary, eBooks are a great way…

Alan Draper
October 4, 2016
BrandViews / Internal Results

Big Data: How Valuable Is Your Marketing Data?

In the era of big data, business leaders sometimes focus too much on the quantity of data compiled and not…

Jay Leonard
August 9, 2016
BrandViews / Internal Results

Wait…What? Effective Appointment Setting Is Like Online Dating?

In comparing effective appointment setting to online dating platforms, it is easy to draw some parallels with regard to the…

Connor Brooke
August 5, 2016
BrandViews / Internal Results

Challenges in Geo-Targeting Market Segments

Target marketing is a bit simpler when the entirety of your audience is accessible in one territory. Things get a…

Alan Draper
July 19, 2016
BrandViews / Internal Results

3 Tips for Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Marketing and selling are both front-end activities aimed at driving revenue. However, their particular roles are normally very distinct. Because…

James Spillane
June 3, 2016
BrandViews / Internal Results

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