If you get email marketing personalization right, your subscribers will start to feel more like valued clients and not just a name on a list. In an industry where the quality of relationships is everything, it’s hard to overstate just how important this is.

Imagine a More Personal Way

Imagine if you could target your individual subscribers with laser-focused accuracy based on factors like previous email, website and social media engagements. Then imagine you could factor in things like your subscriber’s company name, job title or numerous other criteria when building your campaign strategy.

How much more sophisticated could your email marketing campaigns be if you could select which subscribers were targeted for nurturing and further education and which subscribers were targeted to actively sell to when they were ready to be sold to?

This would almost certainly reduce the time you spent dealing with lukewarm leads and prospects that aren’t quite ready to become clients. If you think about it, email marketing personalization should work as much for your organization as it does for your subscribers.

Sounds Too Good to Be True?

OK, before we run away with things – if this was possible – the technology required to do something like this would be overly complicated and far too expensive for a small company to comprehend – wouldn’t it?

Well, not quite. In fact, not at all. It’s time to stop imagining.

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This article originally appeared on iContact and has been republished with permission.